Zahra Buhari’s Wedding: So Much For A Frugal President Buhari!– Gboyega Adejumo

By Ikenga Chronicles December 19, 2016

Zahra Buhari’s Wedding: So Much For A Frugal President Buhari!– Gboyega Adejumo

After a while I started to think of the Nigerian hypocrisy as an image of something that went a lot deeper than the “Herd mentality”, which is, you can’t bring back anything to life that is as dead as a man with a clear sight pretending to be blind. What subterranean, pithicantus levels of thinking have truly befallen Nigerians.

A while ago, I stumbled upon a post about Buhari’s daughter from his first marriage with his late divorced wife, that got married and the poster effusively and obtusely began to compare Jonathan’s daughters marriage and then concluded that change had come as Buhari did not overtly lavish time and resources on that wedding. I simply replied that the real wedding to compare with, is not that one and to begin the usual head in the sand hypocrisy would not be wise.I then advised the poster and her gang, about waiting for when Aisha’s children will be getting married.

Trust the school of herds,I was told the same thing will happen, there will be just the same treatment, blah blah blah. I tried to remind these folks about Buhari and the reality of his first marriage and how his children by that marriage do not enjoy all the trappings of his position and how Buhari and Aisha have gone on with extremely expensive and elaborate foreign education for the children they have together, and how these ones have come to become synonymous with riches, affluence and wealth.

I also reminded our “Usual Suspects”, of Buhari’s favourite pastime of camouflaging the truth about his stupendous wealth and the preponderance of evidence, to back all these up. I am reminded them¬†about Aisha and her loud, lavish, fashion and attention consciousness and her constant courting of wealth and power too. But these folks truly were so doped to their eyeballs that they were just not too quick to THINK! They would rather–like they do–seek their insipid comfort zones of burying their heads in the sand, accepting what they have been told to believe, without THINKING!

Now, Zahra’s wedding to Ndimi’s son has come and gone. With it, each governor came with a private jet, rented by some, owned by some.With it, the wedding was in Aso Rock and not Daura, and done as a State affair with dignitaries, Traditional Rulers, Legislators–an elaborate state affair complete with foreign envoys in attendance! With it, the gift of 6 houses and 40 SUVs–arguably the most lavishly held marriage affair done in office, by a sitting Nigerian ruler in history.

So, I ask, where again are those giving to spurious, artless, gaseous obfuscation about the Buhari, whose daughter’s wedding was not as loud as Jonathan’s and eerily proclaiming in their usual unbelievable-even-to-themselves, hypocritical way that change is here?

Oya, come out and let’s see you make a mockery of yourselves, once again!


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