You Are Too Old For Me To Marry

By Ikenga Chronicles March 5, 2016

Life is not exactly as easy as it seems especially with everyone is expecting so much from everyone. Have you ever at any time tried to watch the faces of others, especially when it feels like the world is crumbling at your feet? The expressions you see on other people’s faces at this time make you realise that there are others going through worse situations.

We often let our happiness revolve around others. We include them in our plans and smile when we think about them. Our lives revolve around our relationships with the different people in them and we make these plans believing they will always be there to make our dreams come true–to help us accomplish our goals in life and to compliment us when we do. But when you think everything is going as planned, you find out that the one you are looking out for is not looking out for you and that while you have been including him or her in your plans, he or she has not been including you in their’s, and just perceive you as a means to an end!

That is the story of Michael. He was so surprised at the turn of events that he has for months now, been searching for a reason why things happened the way they did.

Michael was in love with a woman that meant the world to him. For the three years they dated, he made sure she lacked nothing, from love to everything else she needs. Money has never been a problem for him, and he made sure he provided for the people around him. He decided it was time to take the bold step and settle down with his heartthrob, so he decided to pop the big question!

On that fateful day, while they were lying side by side at his home, he asked her to marry him. The look he got from her shocked him and he thought his heart would stop if words followed that expression.

“I can’t marry you, you are too old for me!” She said.

Michael’s heart did not stop–humans somehow find ways to survive these things. But he wondered where those words came from. He stood in front of the mirror for hours looking at his reflection and wondering what happened–how he suddenly became too old for a woman that has been with him for three years. Why did she stay with him all these years if he was too old for her? “How come! How come!”, Michael repeatedly asked himself.

Today, Michael is unsure about what direction his life should take now. It has been three months and he still cannot shake the fact that he has been left out in the cold by a woman he built his world around.

Dear readers, Michael needs our help and advice. He needs a new reason to go on. Please offer your advice in the comments box below, and help this brother find a reason to go on with life.



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