Yemi Osinbajo Hands Over

By Ikenga Chronicles July 1, 2018

— Vitus Ozoke

“We have handed Nigeria over to God” (Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President, Nigeria)

Really? But isn’t that unconstitutional? Come May 29, 2019, you are constitutionally required to hand over to a duly elected next president, not God. God will not be a candidate in the elections; so, you can’t possibly hand over to Him without violating the Constitution.

And if you have handed over Nigeria to God, what are you still doing in Abuja, still collecting a fat monthly salary? So God now works, and you and Buhari chop? Be careful, Yemi, God cannot be mocked. You should know that; after all, you are supposed to be the pastor, remember?

This just may be the clearest evidence of a failed presidency and dereliction of presidential duties.

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And if in the other sense, you are just now handing Nigeria over to God, in whose care had it been before now, Satan the devil? It’s beginning to make sense, Yemi. Of course, it couldn’t have been God. Only Satan the devil would superintend the systematic slaughter of innocent Nigerian lives by terroristic Fulani herdsmen without intervening. It all makes perfect sense now, Yemi.

Well, you are, supposedly, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria. If you believe it is constitutional to hand over Nigeria to God, who has neither contested nor won the presidency, then you must, as the pastor you supposedly are, feel a moral obligation to cease further collection of your fat monthly salaries, and arrange to refund what you have collected since the handover to God. Ditto for your boss, President Buhari. As a pastor, you must know the biblical injunction: render unto God what is God’s, and unto Caesar (read Buhari and Osinbajo) what is Caesar’s.

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I guess, moving forward, you and your boss will no longer accept responsibility for the plethora of woes, both ongoing and emerging, plaguing the land, having handed over to God. Like Pontus Pilate, you’ve washed your hands clean, except that unlike Pilate, your hands are still deep in the cookie jar as you continue to collect your fat monthly salary.

I’m sure God has no problem accepting the handover when the terms are perfected. And as the Senior Advocate of Nigeria that you are, you should know how to perfect this deed of handover. Until you’ve done that, it smacks of a blasphemous blackmail to pretend to put God to work while you and your boss get paid.

Watch it, Yemi!

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