Wizkid And Fela Who Has Done More For African Music?

By Ikenga Chronicles October 29, 2017

Wizkid And Fela Who Has Done More For African Music?

Weird as it seems, comparisons between Nigerian music legends, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Wizkid have continued to dominate discussions. This is similar to the comparison between Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona. Even though both Maradona and Fela lived in another era, and held the world spellbound with their talents, the younger versions of them (who are also legends in their own rights) have somehow become objects of comparison.


Fela playing tennis. An action that was replicated by Wizkid in one of his photos


Despite its bizarre nature, we thought it was necessary to get our readers to weigh in on the argument, and let us know their views.

It is important to highlight that as an artiste, Wizkid has never hidden the fact that Fela inspires him. In fact, if there is any question on that, the giant tattoo of Fela on his body clearly answers that concretely.

What is also necessary is to measure ( in terms of projecting African music to the world), who amongst the two has sold African music to the world, more. Fela, we know for a fact popularised Afro-beat. Wizkid, as it stands, is projecting it deeper into the tiny recesses of the world.

So indeed, who amongst the two has done more?

Let us have your thoughts.

Nnaemeka Oruh


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