Wimbledon Men’s Finals: Is Apartheid Finally Dead?

By Ikenga Chronicles July 15, 2018

Wimbledon Men’s Finals: Is Apartheid Finally Dead?

–Vitus Ozoke

With a South African in the finals of Wimbledon, what looked like apartheid against Africa in tennis majors has finally ended. So, when Kevin Anderson of South Africa plays Novak Djokovic in London later today, I will try to not remember apartheid.

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I will try to forget the humiliations, the inhumanity, the tortures, the killings, and diverse forms of atrocities committed against Nelson Mandela and Black South Africans by Botha and white minority. I must forget that apartheid took place. Unless I do that I will not be able to cheer and support Brother Kevin Anderson against the very jovial and adorable Novak Djokovic.

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Unfortunately, however, I’m not yet blessed with enough grace to do that. I have not yet come to that place where I can forget horrendous history. Forgive, yes; I did that a long time ago. Papa Madiba urged us to do that. But Papa Madiba never counseled us to forget – at least not so soon.

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So, today, I will watch two white men battle it out for the coveted Wimbledon championship. And between the two, one has my heart already, and has had it for years. Novak Djokovic is a class act. You cannot but love and cheer for him to win. And that’s precisely what I’m gonna do as I join English folks in sipping their hourly tea. Go Novak!