Will You Catch Me If I Fall For You?

By Ikenga Chronicles December 22, 2016

“Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin and spin? Well, that is what love feels like—everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall but you just keep going.” ~ Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

I’m teetering on the edge. I’m at the brink of denial and walking away forever versus surrendering to love.

I am dancing along the edge, swaying my hips in possibility and desire so ripe it makes my skin dewy in anticipation. Will I fall or will I turn and leave this serendipitous spot, pretending that I was never here in the first place.

There wasn’t a clear path to where I am now. Maybe if there was, I would have chosen to turn around and never venture here in the first place.

But that is the thing about falling in love, sometimes we just don’t expect it.

At times love just appears around the corner, hidden from our vision until we are already submersed in the beautiful confusion of our feelings, but still in a place where we haven’t taken action.

I don’t know if I will fall or if I will run far away, as I try to pretend that you never existed. All the while, waking up to dreams that tell the truth instead of the lies I attempt to spin.

But, if I decide to go slowly and not run this time, will you catch me?

Will you let me know that it is okay to fall? That there is a reason for all of my feelings, while experiencing lingering moments, like jasmine incense against the black drop of a starry sky in June.

Will you fall too?

Or will you stay on the edge, watching me muddle around by myself pretending that…


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