Will Donald Trump Be Invited To Barbara Bush’s Funeral? No

By Ikenga Chronicles April 18, 2018

Will Donald Trump Be Invited To Barbara Bush’s Funeral? No

–Vitus Ozoke

Former First-Lady Barbara Bush passes on at the age of 92. Even as we mourn her, we celebrate her life and praise God for his generosity of grace. The real focus now is the drama and embarrassment that her death will certainly create for the Trump Whitehouse. The death of every First Lady in modern times has attracted a quasi-state funeral, the last being Nancy Regan’s in March of 2016. President, past presidents, and First Ladies grace the funeral service.

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Barbara Bush was known for her uncommon signature bluntness. The question is not whether she expressed a wish to not have Donald Trump at her funeral; the question is how blunt and colorful was the language she used. “Don’t let that mother£%#€¥$ anywhere near my funeral” sounds like it. But if she did, that would be just an extra-caution step. There is no way Jeb and the other Bush men were going to allow Donald Trump to desecrate the funeral and memory of their matriarch with his presence. “That was some weird shit”! Remember that comment? That was George Bush’s open reaction after attending and listening to Trump at the Trump inauguration on January 20, 2017. Nobody invites some weird shit to their mother’s funeral. I guess it’s another clean-up assignment for VP Mike Pence.

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So, a sitting American president was not only disinvited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal wedding taking place in the U.K. next month, he is also not going to be invited to the funeral of a former American First Lady. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will be gracing the royal wedding in the U.K. and will also be in Texas for Barbara Bush’s funeral. President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalind will be in Texas and so will President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary. And, of course, President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura will be playing host as they console President George Herbert Walker Bush.