Will Adams Oshiomhole Make Heaven?

By Ikenga Chronicles September 6, 2019

Will Adams Oshiomhole Make Heaven?

–Favour Amako,

The outburst of the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, on Thursday has sent tongues wagging whether the Edo State-born unionist turned politician will make heaven. It seems when Oshiomhole speaks, Satan himself has to take pen and paper for tutorials. He speaks with gusto and lying wonders. 

I was shocked when Oshiomhole on Thursday at APC headquarters in Abuja during a meeting of the National Working Committee of the party with the governorship aspirants in Kogi State said that Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State is an achiever. 

My head nearly bursted. Was he misquoted or high on something? Was he under the influence of unknown forces? How dare him say that? Does Oshiomhole have a conscience? 

Hear him: “Bello did not only inherit salary arrears from his predecessors which he had defrayed but also inherited burdens of infrastructure, projects approved and money paid but were not executed and the Governor is doing all such projects today.”

“Even our party’s enemies will agree with us that Yahaya Bello has done well in the area of security. If the people are not secured, no meaningful development can take place.”

He added: ” I have people who live in Kogi State and we all know the level of insecurity in that state before. But today you can all agree with me that the current Governor has addressed the issue of security in Kogi.”

Can anybody with conscience before God and man itemise what  Yahaya Bello has done for Kogi State in the past four years?  Salaries are not being paid, road networks are comatose, infrastructure is in shambles, the educational system in the state is in a sorry state. Has Oshiomhole sold his soul to the devil? 

Kogi state deserves to be the pride of the nation. Its unique location at the Central Region of the country is a good pointer to the abounding wealth it possesses. Its peculiarities go beyond being a Confluence State, it is the only state in Nigeria that shares a boundary with 10 other states. It shares a boundary with FCT and Niger State in the North, Nasarawa State in the North East, Anambra in the South, Enugu in the South East, Edo in the South West, Benue to the East, and Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara States to the West. Kogi is also notable for connecting the nation’s capital to 22 Southern States, serving as a national and international gateway for both road and air travellers. 

With the unique opportunities it offers, it is unthinkable that in the almost four years Bello has been in office, he did not initiate a blueprint that will harness the potentials of the road networks to generate and increase revenue for the state. Instead, he allowed the people to wallow in abject poverty, unabashedly punishing them for putting their fate in his hands.

However, as much as the clamour for Bello’s removal is reaching the highest heavens, Kogites must not make the mistake of appointing another thorn in their flesh. 

The main goal should not end in ousting Yahaya Bello from power, rather it must be about electing a true visionary, someone whose political mind is not only for dirty games and greed but for the people.A leader whose priority is the welfare of the people, keen on making Kogi the wealth of the nation. 

Adams Oshiomhole should stop lying, no amount of lies will bring Yahaya Bello back to power.