Why Your Man Beats You– By Emeka Ugwuonye, Esquire

By Ikenga Chronicles November 13, 2016

Why Your Man Beats You– By Emeka Ugwuonye, Esquire

This is the biggest question and one that is impossible to answer. Some will tell you he beats you because of your mouth – you talk too much and that before he could say one, you have said ten. Then he beats you for that.

What a joke! Have you considered what he will do when you ignore him? Indeed, he will be more offended if you keep quiet when he is talking to you or about you. It means you are ignoring him. It means you are disrespecting him. The beating for that is worse.

Now, try to walk away when he is angry and you. Then you will know that he doesn’t like it for people to walk away while he is talking to them. The beating for that is severe.

Okay, what do you do? Try to beg him when he is angry. Then you will remember the case of the lady being beaten so badly by her man even though she was saying to him, all the time: “Baby, please!”.

Well, try to complain to your father or even his own parents. Then you will see that he doesn’t like it when you take family problems outside the family.

What am I trying to say? It is not your fault that he beats you. Stop blaming yourself and searching for excuses for him. He is beating you because he is a very bad person and he believes there is no consequence. Once we are able to put him in prison, he will not try that again with his next wife.


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