Why Women Leave Men they Love

By Ikenga Chronicles January 15, 2017

Why Women Leave Men they Love

We stay with men who make us feel valued.

Many of us have been there. We have felt the increasing void within as someone we love treated us with indifference. We have started questioning our value and even felt that deep, gut wrenching realization that it’s not us but the relationship we should be questioning.

I work as an intuitive relationship coach and have seen first hand the growing number of women who are leaving men they still love deeply. I have also been one of them; riding the line between total elation and gut wrenching pain. Elation that I was not carrying the burden of a relationship that left me feeling unseen and the pain of knowing that the relationship died long before my feelings did.

Women work exceptionally hard at their relationships. We will bend ourselves in every direction and contort our entire lives to try to save a sometimes sinking ship. Whereas before it may have been that women were left feeling we could not leave an unhappy relationship, many more are now making the decision to love themselves more than they love another.

So why do women leave men they still love?

For many women it’s about being tired of feeling like an option to their partner. They live their lives, doing the best they can and feel as though their partner never shows up for them. It’s not that these men are necessarily bad men. They are good fathers, attentive sons and good friends. They are hard workers, support their families and are generally quite likeable.

But they take their women for granted and fail to show up in meaningful ways that will show their appreciation and love.

Many of us women have commented that we doubt our partner would even notice if someone else came in and…

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