Why Men Fall out of Love—What Every Woman should Know

By Ikenga Chronicles January 15, 2017

Why Men Fall out of Love—What Every Woman should Know

Everybody talks about falling in love, but rarely do we tackle the issue of falling out of love.

Maybe we think “falling out of love” is a fallacy. We ask ourselves, “How is it possible for someone to be in love today, only to fall out of love tomorrow?”

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Frankly, when I was younger I never believed in falling out of love. Although I was faced with many relationships endings, I refused to believe that they ended because the other person or I, fell out of love. I would claim that if love was true, it wouldn’t have ended. I basically reflected romantic novels and movies into my own life. We would like to believe that love is easy and has a happy ending, no matter what. Sadly, we are too egocentric to admit that somewhere along the way we did something wrong.


The truth is, relationships are flimsy.

They need a whole lot of work. Some of us become complacent once we reach a stable level with our partner. We jeopardize the relationship and take the other person for granted, only because we are certain that nothing will make this person leave.

This is what makes men leave:

At first thought, it might seem bewildering to hear this topic coming from a woman.

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Well, I have been surrounded by men throughout my life. The majority of my close friends are men. This, in return, has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of a man’s mind. Furthermore, I think I was blessed by few partners who wore their hearts on their sleeve, and helped me obtain an absolute vision of what pushes a man away.

Despite the understandings I have observed in men, one cannot generalize. There are millions of reasons of why a man might fall out of love.

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