Why Ladies Say I Am Sexy– Dbanj

By Ikenga Chronicles April 14, 2018

Why Ladies Say I Am Sexy– Dbanj

Dbanj, he self-acclaimed Koko master has been referred to as being sexy and attractive to women and the reason could just be surprising.

In an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats, Dbanj said that despite being surprised at the grey hairs he is growing, ladies have admired him because of that, therefore, he refused to get rid of them.

“I love the fact that I am having grey beard. In Africa, it is a sign of wisdom. I thought one had to be 50 years and above before getting it but recently, I learnt that it comes out when you are wise and have money. So, it is obvious to the world that I have money and wisdom.

“I know I am already growing grey beard and I leave it alone because the ladies tell me that it is sexy. I cannot speak for any other person but I still have my sex appeal. We were just on the red carpet together before coming to this VIP section and you noticed what happened. The ladies still flock around me despite being married. You can count how many guys greeted me compared to a large number of ladies that came to me for pictures and just to talk to me. I think it is the grace of God and the brand cannot change. It is not as if I am going to let go of this part of me. Yes, being married has changed a little thing about me but business remains business,” he said.

The “Emergency” singer also spoke about his forthcoming tour with his former label, Mo’ Hits , which includes Don Jazzy, Wande Coal , Dr . Sid , D’ Prince , and Kay Switch. He dismissed insinuations that the tour was motivated by money as alleged on some online platforms .

“It is not money that inspired this motive , Did Davido give us any money ? No, he did not . He just called us and we obliged his request . I think it was inspired by the fans ’ love for us.”