Why I Prefer Sex Doll To Women — Pretty Mike

By Ikenga Chronicles July 28, 2019

Why I Prefer Sex Doll To Women — Pretty Mike

Controversial club owner and socialite, Pretty Mike has explained why he prefers sex dolls to women in his usual way of hugging headlines.

This he revealed when he had a chat with Potpourri and a couple of media guys.

In the long chat, Pretty Mike stated that he prefers his sex doll to women and that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if he decides to marry it.

“Yes, I prefer my sex doll to a woman. We have heard people say a lot about women but I don’t want too much stress. Some of our ladies are just too stressful,” he said with pride.

Asked whether he could marry the doll and have children by it, he said; “Sure, Why not? We might have an elaborate wedding next year. We are in the era of technology where anything is possible. 

“Like I said, my friend Kanye West and Kim have kids but the woman only took in once. Somebody else carried the pregnancy for her,” he said.