Why I Have A Successful Marriage—AY

By Ikenga Chronicles February 2, 2019

Why I Have A Successful Marriage—AY

Popular Nigerian comedian , AY has boasted of having a successful marriage despite being a celebrity.

The trend out there is that celebrities succeed in their careers but not in marriage but it is not the same with AY.

Asked about the secret behind his successful marriage, he attributed it to the grace of God and the fact that he married his friend.

“Staying married is not what anybody can brag about. Some people are just lucky to enjoy grace by marrying their true friends who can tolerate their excesses . My wife and I approach
our marriage with the idea that we will both work together on being married every day. Staying married for me and my PA ( Personal Angel ) is a daily work in progress.

“ We don’t ignore problems when we first notice them. We work on them before they fester and explode. We try to treat each other like a date and with respect too. We try not to take each
other for granted,” he told Saturday Beats.