Why I feel Comfortable After Penalty Goal—Aubameyang

By Ikenga Chronicles March 11, 2019

Why I feel Comfortable After Penalty Goal—Aubameyang

Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang sealed the 2-0 win for the Gunners over Man United on Sunday with his penalty and he is happy about that.

Aubameyang held his nerve, having missed his previous spotkick against Tottenham.

He said, “I felt comfortable because all my teammates gave me a lot of confidence. Laca let me shoot again and that’s really nice. That’s the spirit of the team so I felt well when I took my shot. I was waiting for the goalkeeper so that I could shoot the same as usual and last time against Tottenham I had my head down and didn’t watch the goalkeeper. That was my mistake but today I watched him, waited and scored.

“When you miss a penalty it’s never easy to come back and shoot again, but it was okay.”

Aubameyang now has 20 goals for the season.

“I’m really happy that I’m scoring goals and we’re winning games because that’s most important. I wanted to celebrate with my mask but I couldn’t find it, so next time!”