Why I Fear Those Who Fear God

By Ikenga Chronicles August 7, 2018

–By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

Many of my friends view me as a fearless person. They see my vehemence, when unfairness reigns. They see all evidence of the scholarship I can marshal in defense of the weak or anyone treated unjustly or unfairly.

But many of them have refused to see that I am a fearful man.

Let me repeat it:

I am a fearful man.

I am very fearful man, when it comes to the conscientious zealot of every persuasion or ideology.

Remember that a zealot is, in my books the same as a fanatic. These are the people with so much zeal, but little knowledge of whatever they are peddling at any point in time. To that end, I am a fearful man, when it comes to those who fear God. I am mortally afraid of anyone, who fears God.

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Iconoclasm may be my default epistemic setting. This inheres in the fact, that nothing is actually sacred, when it comes to knowledge, except the honesty of facts. The chronicles of history has shown that apart from the sanctity of human life, the word or idea of the “sacred”, when deployed in any epistemic setting to frustrate inquiry and interrogation of reality, is simply the most ancient of treacherous moats, built around citadels of privilege and power, by any establishment that has succeeded in cornering power in any society.

This is why the priestly class, who across time and climes, rose to become the most vicious and avid snake‘s-oil salesmen; shopkeepers of spiritual wares, according to Plato; created a vocation out of peddling neotenic infantilism, and mythological El Dorados, that are beyond time and space, to mentally enslave people, and use them for their purpose. They designed that epistemic shield to protect themselves, from the restless interrogation of the human mind.

They feared that the wares they were hawking, were an irrational affront to human reason. They invented the idea of the sacred to secure their little privilege. Since they couldn’t convince reason with facts, they invented a supernatural that transcends reason, to scaffold their heist. They sold the dummy to their subjects that they are God’s eyes and God’s mouthpieces; and that to question their capricious whims and excesses, is to question the Gods. Out of such stinking humus of intellectual fraudulence arose such Biblical tongues-in-cheek, like “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”

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That was propaganda for the priestly caste.

It was designed to forestall and frustrate interrogations directed at the pedestrian pedestals of meaning they hawked as gospel truth. It was invented also to frustrate any attempt to question their excesses. Frustrated by the historical virulence of priestly privilege, Bolaji Idowu, in his African Traditional Religion: A Definition, P. 3, wrote:

“Priestcraft with all its insult and disgusting sins against humanity, abuse of authority recognized by people because it is religious, holy cruelty, stealing, immorality, and other ghastly forms of inhumanity perpetrated in the name of Deity-these have been a constant embarrassment”

To that end, I am afraid of those who fear God.

Most of those who fear God are either psychotic sadists, or depraved masochists. Most of them are pathological cases. Most others are infantile masochists that crave meaning in an inclement world that offers us none, except the meanings we create out of it.

Most of these people, who fear God can commit murder in the name of their God, whenever that madness erupts in them; or whenever they hear those voices. Abraham heard those voices and nearly slaughtered his son Isaac. And the bible celebrated that psychopathology as a noble act of faith. Little wonder Voltaire contended that those who would make you believe absurdities would make you commit atrocities. And this celebration of murderous psychopathology, is being taught to generations of people as a moral piece.

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Isaac and his feeling; his dread and fear of impending death, were all embezzled in that episode. No one asked Isaac of his side of the story. No one asked him how he felt, coming close to being murdered by his father, his supposed trust-personality! No one assessed the psychological damage that episode did to the impressionable mind of that kid.

If Abraham was to be a today’s man, he would be arrested, put in a straitjacket and either dumped in a psychiatric facility or tried and sentenced to jail for attempted murder. Can you imagine a courtroom, where he would face a jury and tell them that silly story that God told him to murder his son?

Many suicide bomber feared heard those voices too and blew people to smithereens. The guys that presided over the inquisition, were doing that psychotic, sadistic “duty”of burning people at stake and torturing the Bejesus out of those, who disagreed with their dogma in the name and on behalf of their God.

They “feared” God so much, and feared eternal damnation for the souls of the unbelievers and pagans; heathens and heretics; that they decided to burn them and “purify them of earthly impurities”, as to make their diseased version of heaven.

Many of those who fear God can even lie to keep on protecting the fictions that make them fear God.

Argue with them and see for yourself!

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These people are the opposite of those who claim they love God. Those who love whichever God they profess have another vision of their God. Those who claim to love their God sincerely follow the dictates of their conscience; do no harm; do no evil. They love their fellow human beings and treat them with dignity and respect as they would themselves.

These ones from across all human configurations, tribes, tongues and nations have been my brothers and sisters. These ones I don’t fear. These ones I revere.

Of these people were said by the Psalmist: “Such are the men, who seek your face, O Lord”! (Ps. 24 v 6)

Gwazia ndi yard unu

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