Why I Don’t Hate Buhari

By Ikenga Chronicles July 2, 2018

— Terfa Naswem

When I read certain posts and published articles people write against President Muhammadu Buhari, I understand how they feel before writing such. There are some groups that never liked Buhari and clearly stated that even if Buhari turns Nigeria to America, they will still not like him. I don’t agree with that.

When I was campaigning for President Buhari from 2014 to 2015 when the election was conducted, some people hated Buhari so much just because he is a Muslim and Fulani and not because he did anything wrong to them.

Even late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was hated by some just because he was a Muslim, Fulani and in PDP even when he made a lot of commendable impact.

Senseless Killings: The Political Obituary Of Buhari’s Presidency

I once relentlessly campaigned for Buhari because of the failed Jonathan government. I don’t hate Buhari. I hate his negligence in the Fulani herdsmen attacks and some poor aspects of his leadership methodology.

As far as I can perceive, Buhari has made some commendable impact but his refusal to call his fellow Fulani who are causing problem to order has submerged whatever good he has done in the eyes of many Nigerians.

Mr. President, I know the powers of the President and the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces. You have so far failed to use your powers effectively to curb the killings.

Miyetti Allah has on many occasions made comments that led to attacks and even after such attacks still made comments pointing out to them as some of those also responsible for the killings. But Mr. President, you have turned a blind eye to the activities of this group and Nigerians are not happy with you.

Understanding The Fulani Jihad (Part-2)

Since 1999 when uninterrupted democratic government began, this is the first time that Nigeria has the worse Security Chiefs and architecture. Some of your Security Chiefs have made comments that if it were, Obasanjo, Yar’Adua or Jonathan, such would be replaced immediately without delay. Nigerians are accusing you of having a hand in the killings because you have not done anything to convince them to think otherwise.

Mr. President, I am appealing to you for the sake of those of us who love you regardless of the fact of you being a Muslim or Fulani or your political affiliation, to please take pragmatic and proactive steps to curb these killings which have stained whatever impact you have made elsewhere. Dead people don’t enjoy development only living people do. So the protection of lives should be your utmost priority before any other thing.

Massive Killings: Amnesty International Indicts Nigerian Government

Once you are able to do all these, many Nigerians who hate you because of your actions and not because of your religion or ethnicity will find reasons to love you and still give you their support

It is my fervent desire for you to succeed as the President but for this to happen, you must first do the needful.

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