Why I Am Scared Of A Relationship –Falz Opens Up

By Ikenga Chronicles June 24, 2017

Why I Am Scared Of A Relationship –Falz Opens Up

The life of a celebrity has been a special one owing to the fact that they are being followed, praised and emulated by all, both male and females, but most importantly they are usually easily attracted to the opposite sex.

Thus, a celebrity has the opposite sex flood around him or her at no costs at all. Despite this, some of them still remain single for reasons only accepted by them alone.

This is the case of Folarin Falana, otherwise known as ‘Falz the bad guy’, who took everyone by surprise when he claimed he was still single and has no relationship despite being handsome and having  all the beautiful girls at his beck and call.

The case of Falz is like swimming in the river and still being thirsty after he said he was still seriously searching for a partner who would truly love him for who he is, and not for his celebrity status or for material gain.

This disclosure was made by the music star in a recent interview with HipTV, where he opened up about being a lady’s toast.

His words “You see, when it comes to the issue of having a girlfriend or heartthrob, it is difficult, because naturally, nowadays, what we see on social media or in real life are girls that just want to come close to you because of what they want to get from me.

“They are not girls that appreciate you for what you really are, and that is what I’m searching for. But it’s difficult to find; the ladies that come close to me tell me that they want to record a snap chat video, they want to post a picture with me online and all that, they want to exploit my celebrity status to become popular.

“I’m looking for someone that truly and genuinely has true feelings for me; as I am like this it is very difficult and I’m still searching”, he said.