Why Freedom from Religious Dogma is Important

By Ikenga Chronicles January 2, 2017

Why Freedom from Religious Dogma is Important

I would like to explore the motivational forces behind daily action and address their nature and their outcomes.

To keep a mindful perspective, I will use primary examples of things which people do for health and wellness purposes, including diet, exercise, spiritual practice, religion, and so on.

On one end of the spectrum we have guilt, fear, shame and blame as motivational forces (i.e. beating ourselves up with the spiritual whip).

This raises the questions:

If we believe ourselves to be inherently broken, how can something which is broken fix itself?

How can impurity become pure or purify itself?

This relates to a sense of self-image, self-identity and creating a story. This is a story we carry because we are used to it, and do not know how to break free of it. We have been practicing this story our whole lives, and in order to rewrite our self-image, we need to look within to see when and why we started telling this story.

Part of why this situation takes place is that many of us are raised with religious dogmas of what we should do—what is the “pure” or “holy” thing to do—yet it is always offered as some torturous thing that no one wants to do. For centuries, amid the influence of the Catholic Church there has been extreme hypocrisy, violence, lies and the very opposite behaviors exhibited by those who are upholding this “fear consciousness” paradigm.

This is why priests who say that homophobia is unholy end up molesting little boys. By focusing on what they fear and don’t want, they inevitably give those forces more power and influence in their lives.

Perhaps there would be less turmoil and more congruence with what is holy if we used a motivation that was fun, enjoyable and…

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