Why Executing Reverend King Is The Right Thing–Chuks Ubani

By Ikenga Chronicles April 25, 2017

Why Executing Reverend King Is The Right Thing–Chuks Ubani

By virtue of Section 212 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) the Governor of a State can grant a convict pardon either by setting him free or reducing the sentence under certain conditions.

Many have been clamouring for the pardon and/or release of a convict, Reverend King, currently in a Lagos prison on the death row, by the Lagos State Governor. While I am not against the granting of pardon to anyone by any level of government so empowered by the Constitution, I am of the conviction that there are basic minimum standards that ought to be considered in granting pardon to a convict. One of such is the conduct of the convict since his incarceration. The convict ought to show some remorse or repentance or change of heart, in the first place, for the act for which he was convicted. He should able to assure those around him that, in the event of being afforded another opportunity to be reintegrated with members of the public, he will not be seen as a threat, but would have learnt from his mistakes, and is ready to turn a new leaf.  I very much doubt that this Reverend King possesses any of such qualities.

First, the arrogance in him when he poured petrol on his victim and set her ablaze, is still very much with him, if it is not increasing by the day.

Second, he does not see himself as having committed any crime, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that led to his conviction and the upholding of all his appeals against his conviction and death sentence, up to the Supreme Court.

Additionally, he gives the impression that he is a victim of a conspiracy by those ‘envious’ of him. The truth is that majority of Nigerians never knew or heard about him until he was arrested for killing the lady in his church. So, I do not understand where the ‘envy’ is coming from! Was it those ‘envious’ of his ‘rising profile’ that conspired and bought him the fuel and matches with which he set the lady ablaze?

Also, he seems to have some brain dead supporters who will become more threats to the society if their master is released on the hapless society. Their comments within and outside the social media is an indication that the society may be the worse for it if this man is unleashed on us.

Above all, it will embolden upcoming religious fundamentalists to use his case as a reference point, to prey on innocent, vulnerable and ignorant members of the society, in the name of religion, and think that they can easily get away with it.

Even God forgives only those who recognise their sins and ask for forgiveness, not those that claim right in their sins. God drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, not only because they committed sin but more because they never accepted guilt, rather they kept shifting blame from one person to the other. But King David, in spite of his sins, was God’s favourite, just because he always acknowledged his sins and cried to God for mercy.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, but we must deserve it, not it being thrown at us to satisfy sentiments and thereby endanger the society in the process. You do not grant mercy to one who is of the conviction that he has committed no wrong. Let’s keep tribal and religious sentiments away from this issue. A fundamentalist knows neither race nor religion.

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