Why Cory Booker, Kamala Harris And Julian Castro May Have To Drop Out

By Ikenga Chronicles November 10, 2019

Why Cory Booker, Kamala Harris And Julian Castro May Have To Drop Out

— Dr. Wumi Akintide

You could say this election circle is not so much a time for making History in America.

It is a year to reverse the madness that has taken hold in America by electing its first light weight and Communist- approved President of America in a morbid reaction or the wake-up call to many closet racists in America that the statement of Martin Luther King that people should be judged not by their skin color but by the strength of their character may not necessarily be in the best interest of white America!

They would not admit that in Public, but they are scared to death that another minority coming to power in close proximity to the near perfect image of the first black President with not a single scandal on his score card in 8 glorious years in the White House could predictably spell disaster for the Caucasian candidates and could finally shatter the myth that the Blacks and the Hispanic minorities are up to no good and that the real deal resides in the White Stereotype.

Electing Donald Trump has now been found to be a major disaster by the silent majority of Americans except the Republican Base of roughly 30 to 33 percent of Americans who like the looney in the White House because he is the only one crazy and dumb enough to say what the majority of them could never say in Public.

Above all he is helping to turn a vibrant Democracy into a one Party Dictatorship dominated and led by the Caucasian Whites.

Trump is helping them to flood the Judiciary and the Supreme Court with conservative Judges who could be relied upon to rule in their favor on cases referred to their Courts.

Trump is also helping them to fight and to demonize the News and Print Media in America and Republicans could care less if Trump uses some help from Communist Russia to keep the Republicans in power thru subterfuge.

Republicans know that Donald Trump is damn corrupt and incompetent but that does not faze them. They are ready and willing to look the other way to let him do their dirty job for them.

The top tier candidates today in the Democratic Party are now reduced to 4, three White males in Joe Biden, Bernie Saunders and Pete Buttigieg the small town Mayor with little name recognition and of course Elizabeth Warren the only woman among them.

All of the three well qualified minorities among them have now dropped out or about to.

Cory Booker and Julian Castro are all Rhode Scholars and very charismatic in their own right pretty much like Kamala Harris who did so well at the first debate that most people thought she was going to go far but I was not one of them and I said so loud and clear at the time.

Kamala Harris or Julian Castro or Cory Booker could still be a shoo-in for running mate when all is said and done but I would put my bet on Elizabeth Warren if the choice were to be made today because I still cannot yet shake the feeling in me that Joe Biden would still emerge the best candidate to beat Donald Trump if the Democrats can find an antidote to what Vladimir Putin in a clandestine collaboration with Trump is still planning to do in 2020.

Bernie Saunders will make some good showing but not big or strong enough to make him the nominee. The same thing is true of Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren.

I am not yet persuaded that Americans are ready to elect their first Polish Jew or their first woman candidate or their first homosexual President however qualified and strong. I could be wrong but that is my opinion.

That is just my haunch this early in the game. I would be in a position to form a more precise opinion the morning after Super Tuesday.

Any number of things can still change between now and then because a day in American Politics can be Eternity if you know what I mean.

I rest my case.