Who Is Most Qualified To Be Nigeria’s Next President?

By Ikenga Chronicles August 13, 2018

Who Is Most Qualified To Be Nigeria’s Next President?

In 2015, what drove most Nigerian voters as the country headed to the polls to elect who would be President between 2015 to 2019, was the need to change what many believed was the ineffectual and incompetent government of Goodluck Jonathan. It did not matter so much, what characteristics the person would be, provided the person seemed to offer a change from Jonathan’s style of leadership.

And because Jonathan’s administration was largely viewed as corrupt, whoever offered the promise of eradicating corruption was seen as a better alternative. Then, majority of the people believed that Nigeria’s primary problem was corruption. Eradicate corruption, and Eldorado would come, many believed.

Power-hungry and contesting for the fourth time, General Muhammadu Buhari, with the blessings of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and many other disgruntled power players, seized the anti-corruption mantra by the scruff of its neck and repeated it ad nauseam.

APC And Hypocrisy Are Evil Twins—Atiku

For Buhari, every question as to how best to run the country was addressed with “fighting corruption; plug the loopholes, and see Nigeria flourish”. Not many then questioned how exactly he planned to do that. Without asking for details, it was assumed that the man(portrayed as a frugal, disciplined and no nonsense man) has all it takes. So when votes were collated and the results announced, the Daura-born ex-soldier had won the election, to great fanfare.

But it didn’t take long for the euphoria to die down, as, soon after taking over government, it became clear that the man who had serially contested for the number one job in the country, had no clear cut idea on how to do the first thing as it concerns leading Nigeria! So instead of taking Nigeria to Eldorado as he promised, he watched, detached, as the country took a far worse turn than it was under the man he was elected to better his records. The nation’s economy noise-dived, price of fuel went up, even as he doubled subsidy payments(something he had called a scam before). Worse, the country became enveloped in blood, while the unity of the nation became threatened. On the anti-corruption front, without any pretense, the “anti-corruption fight became an opportunity for the President to persecute political adversaries while providing safe havens for criminals provided they pledged their loyalty to him. And spite all of the killings,no concrete action was taken by Buhari, neither did it appear like he has any plans to do better.

APC And The Gale Of Defections

Yet as the 2019 elections edge closer, the man who had failed in all of his promises to the people(security,economy, fighting corruption), threw his hat into the ring making claims of having fulfilled ALL his campaign promises.

But Nigerians have been bitten once, and appear 180million times shy. So as 2019 comes, a change from Buhari remains the only credible alternative that most Nigerians see. But that will not be all.

In 2019, Nigerians will not be looking for “any other person apart from Buhari”. The country will be looking for someone with a clear cut idea on how to move the country forward. While not everything can be done in four years, whoever comes on must have enough ideas, and a clear idea of how to implement them, in order to lay a solid foundation that must be built on by whoever takes over from him or her.

Enter Atiku Abubakar. Like Buhari, Atiku has also sought to be President on three previous occasions(even though he made it to the polls only once).But the difference between them is like the size of the Atlantic. Unlike Buhari, Atiku, as Olusegun Obasanjo’s Vice President, helped set the nation on the path of economic growth following the end of military rule in 1999. Atiku it was, who helped assemble Obasanjo’s economic team.

Why Buhari Is Yet To Sack Kemi Adeosun– Lai Mohammed

Also, unlike Buhari, Atiku has been able to successfully run several businesses which today employ over 50,000 persons directly. This is testament to a man who knows how to handle economic activities and as it stands, Nigeria’s problems are primarily economic in nature(poverty and unemployment, which have dovetailed into insecurity,insurgency, corruption). As Atiku himself said to Thisday, it seems to him that he was tailor-made to lead Nigeria in 2019.

That is not all. On several occasions, Atiku has been asked to explicitly state the steps he would take in addressing Nigeria’s fundamental problems—poverty, insecurity, and of course the loud clamour for restructuring— and on all of those occasions, he has clearly laid out convincing plans that are overarching and achieveable(unlike the fantastical promises that were the trademark of Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign).

Buhari Must Be Flushed Out In 2019–Lamido

Experience, coupled with an explicit plan of action, place Atiku heads and shoulders above all other aspirants who have indicated interest. More than that, Atiku’s youth friendliness and promise to do only a single four-year term project him as a man who would help mentor a new leader who would take over from him in 2023, build on the foundations of greatness that Atiku’s plans would have laid for Nigeria, and finally lead the nation to its pride of place among the comity of nations.