Who Is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi?

By Ikenga Chronicles June 19, 2017

Who Is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi?

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when the above question is posed would be; “he is an enigma”, and such a response would have been a perfect one. For whether you love or hate Chibuike Amaechi, the one thing you must accept is that it is difficult to really place a finger on his specific character traits. That is not to say that like a chameleon, he is always changing, but rather, it is a testimony to the fact that his conceptualization of reality changes based on his own personal interpretation.

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Here is a man, who is hated (for the most part) by the South South and South East, for “betraying” their son, Goodluck Jonathan–something he brags about and says repeatedly that Nigerians owe him a debt of gratitude for doing–, yet in a large part of the South West and North of Nigeria, he is hailed as a hero of democracy, who played a key role in topplng Jonathan’s “ineffectual government”. For Amaechi then, it is perfectly okay for you to go against your “boss”, for the greater good. Or so it seems, until he began to rant that his own former “boy”, Magnus Abe has betrayed him! So, it is all okay for Amaechi to betray, but wrong for another person to betray him! That is Chibuike Amaechi’s world!

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Still, he is a great leader, one who goes about telling the world that he does not like money, and has consistently stood against corruption in all facets. Yet eye witnesses can attest to the fact that in 2011, he oversaw the second greatest electoral fraud in Rivers State, in order to be voted in as governor of the state for a second time!But don’t get it wrong, he hates corruption with every fibre of his being!

And while you are ruminating over the electoral fraud issue,take your mind to the fact that there are several pending allegations of the stealing of billions of Naira of Rivers State resources under his watch. In fact, during his last few days in office, he allowed people vandalize the Brick House (Rivers State Government House), and carted away everything in it. To show that he is complicit in the massive looting of state treasury at this point, he openly boasted that he will see what funds Governor Wike will use and work.

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Still, he is not a corrupt man, except that fate has a way of marking people with their worst traits. Everytime one drives towards the Rivers State Government House, down towards the road that leads to Borokiri, the greatest reminder of the massive corruption under Rotimi Amaechi stares at him/her. That Monorail project has become arguably, Africa’s largest example of white elephant projects and corruption!

It will however be unfair to leave the characterization of Mr. Amaechi with just the above. Any objective and fair person will attest to the fact that the first four years of his administration as Rivers State governor stand out as the best the state has had till date. Massive developmental projects, engagement with citizens, real and effective governance, etc, were the hallmarks of that period. That is a record that will be difficult for any man to obliterate.

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As the 2019 General Elections approach, it is expected that Rotimi Amaechi will return and try to wrest power from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and give it to his own anointed governor. It is a given, and that is simply because Amaechi is the type of man who will always return to fight, no matter how many times his opponent stuffs his mouth with sand.