Who Is Being Impeached Today, Trump Or The Republican Party?

By Ikenga Chronicles January 13, 2021

Who Is Being Impeached Today, Trump Or The Republican Party?

— Vitus Ozoke

She wrote prolifically. She sang. She performed. She swayed with conceited grace and elegance to the flow of her own rhyme and rhythm. Perhaps, only she knew why the caged bird sings.

And with every humiliating indignity she was subjected to, and every rejection she experienced, still she rose. Why? Because she was a phenomenal woman. She knew the heart of a woman, because she felt it on the pulse of morning. And she could tell the least of these because she knew the best of these. With a moon on a rainbow shawl, getting up stayed on her mind because she desired a cabaret for freedom. Caught in a weird tryst of Oedipus complex, she lusted for Sophocles too desperately that a song flung up to heaven.

And when she got tired of it all, and being the phenomenal woman she was, she took it in the stride of her step and took her bow in 2014. But her work and words she left behind to guile or guide a surviving generation. Every syllable of every word of every sentence Maya Angelou ever wrote or sang has remained music to my ear, but the one that has had the profoundest effect on me has been ‘when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time’.

Those words were meant to be etched and engraved into a marble.

Donald Trump showed us whom he was on that ominous June 16 day of 2015 when he descended those escalators in Midtown Manhattan. Scratch that! He showed us whom he was over two and a half decades earlier in the 1989 Central Park Five. He is a bigot, and has always been. He is a racist, and has always been. He is a narcissist who cares for nobody but himself. He has no scruples and will go to any height to meet his personal needs and feed his ego, even if it means burning up the world. So, he has always shown us whom he was. And in the wise counsel of Sister Maya, some of us believed him the first time, but some didn’t.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats believed Donald Trump and impeached him on January 16, 2020. But, Republicans, contrary to Maya’s counsel, believed they knew Donald Trump much better than he knew himself, and so expected him to be something other than who he is. They made all kinds of excuses for him. Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine lectured us on how Donald Trump had learned his lessons. And so it was that Donald Trump, a man who sold out his country in the most evidenced treasonous criminal scheme ever documented, was impeached by Democrats in the House of Representatives but spared by Republicans in the Senate. Today in DC, three days shy of the anniversary of his first impeachment, Donald Trump will be impeached again. Maya must be laughing in heaven!

Everybody who has tried to capture the significance and momentousness of today has done that by alluding to its historical unprecedentedness. “Donald Trump will be the first president in American history to be impeached twice”, they exclaim – with gleeful relief. And when I have watched people on my TV say that, without more, I have felt utterly disappointed. Is that supposed to make me feel good? I have a beautiful and expensive TV and I hate it when people show up on it acting stupid. When you show up on my TV, I expect you to give me more than the mundane and the banal. Problematize issues, dig deeper, think, teach me something new, and make me wiser. That Donald Trump will go down in history as the first American president to be impeached twice – without more, is news of interest to history students and scholars. I am neither of them. I am a lawyer and a student of analytical and applied politics.

Why is an American president being impeached twice? What is impeachment? Many a Nigerian friend on social media was confused when Donald Trump continued to live in the White House and ride on Air Force One even after he had been impeached in January of last year. How was that possible, they asked? It fell on me to explain that Congress impeached, but Senate failed to convict and remove. It confused more than it clarified. The only thing to which I could compare the bewilderment in my friend’s face after that explanation was the same look he gave me after I had previously explained the Electoral College and popular vote to him in November of 2016. American politics is full of abracadabra, he concluded. And he was right.

So, in the interest of analysis, Donald Trump is being impeached twice because Mitch McConnell and the Republicans resuscitated him after he was deservedly put on political coma by Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats last year. So, we are back to it again, not because Donald Trump has done again something we didn’t know he was capable of doing. No, we always knew Donald Trump was always going to be a badass. How we knew? Because Sister Maya said when someone shows who they are, believe them the first time. So, we are back here, not because of Donald Trump, but because of Mitch McConnell and the Republicans who didn’t believe Sister Maya.

To the simple mind, Donald Trump might seem to be the one on trial today. To me, he is not. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Susan Collins and the Republican senatorial crew are on trial. It is their character that is being impeached today. It is their judgment that is being impeached today. Did it have to come to this? Did America have to burn before they got it? What in Donald Trump’s atrocious antecedents suggested that he was a man that should be disbelieved when he showed whom he was the first time?

After Central Park Five, Donald Trump engaged in a whole slew of atrocious and reprehensible behaviors, all bordering on crimes – assaulting women, scamming students with a fraudulent Trump University, openly engaging in racist and xenophobic behaviors, evading taxes, palling around with criminals, stealing from children’s charity, violating the Emolument clause and profiting from the American presidency, putting migrant kids in cages at the southern border, colluding with foreigners and foreign countries to hurt America. Just what in Donald Trump’s pattern of life suggested to Moscow Mitch and the Republicans that Donald Trump should not be believed when he showed whom he was the first time?

Sleep on, Sister Maya! When a people fail to heed you, they repeat the mistakes of history.

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