Where Is Nnamdi Kanu, The Voice That Has Grown Silent?

By Ikenga Chronicles April 3, 2018

Where Is Nnamdi Kanu, The Voice That Has Grown Silent?

— Paschal Nwosu

I am certainly one of those who believed in the emergence of Biafra from the rot called Nigeria ,but certainly not under Nnamdi Kanu. I am a Biafran child. I rather remain in the Nigerian state, than face the collective pool of adversity of nations around us–that always want to see us suffer and deprived.

I do not want our people to suffer another defeat in an ill prepared war, led by opportunists, commercial revolutionaries, kids, disgruntled elements and abusive men and women that lack understanding of the art of war. Like Ukpabi Asika, questioned Odumegwu Ojukwu , will it succeed at this time?

My second question is;  whether the costs are acceptable with respect to lives and properties?

My conclusion is that we can never negotiate our exit from a position of weakness.

We need to reassess the Biafraxit, make consultations, within and outside, broaden the leadership platform to include the elites and knowledgeable persons and garner international support, especially , of the super powers, carefully, drawing the assistance of our sympathetic International Civil Society pool.

The scale of Nnamdi Kanu’s activities, and lack of strategy integrating the Igbo inteligentsia, will only lead to genocide. That was what happened.

A revolution that cannot defend itself is stupid. Nigeria will never willingly allow the Igbo to exit. There is no Nigeria without the Igbo.

This does not mean that such a vision in the backdrop of economic underdevelopment and political irrelevance, should be discountenanced.

I believe that the agitation for Biafra is sustainable through referendum or otherwise and such men like Kanu, have a limited role to play. I never liked his valour or indiscretions, or populist appeal to Judaism and irrational assembly.

I never liked Uwazuluike’s monetisation of the struggle , or the excited appeal to warfare by the youth, in their zeal to overthrow the totalitarian estate of the Nigerian realm. I never understood it, knowing as I do, that every hard working Igbo youth would overcome poverty, simply, by changing the environment. Eventually.

The time for Biafra is not now. It has to wait like the Odua and Arewa have sensed.

I share an uncommon hope , however that the degeneration of the Nigerian state and its leadership can be salvaged ,to keep us within it, willingly, otherwise, events in Nigeria and the failures of the Nigerian state will stimulate events that will make it inevitable and the assent of the international community will follow.

However it has become worrisome, that months after the slaughter of Igbo youths by the Nigerian Army, in Operation Python Dance, Nnamdi Kanu, whom I admire to a large extent, has disappeared from public view and has never been heard of. IPOB, his organisation has since faded with key members, surrendering their Biafran appendages, to their real names, or false nomenclatures.

No one has heard from the organisation, as a group , fueling fresh anxieties about secret deals with the federal government and a free passage for its leader, to Ivory Coast.

The voice of Nnamdi Kanu that once roared through the central Niger Delta, and beyond, like a great lion has since grown silent. We want to know why; what happened?

Where is Nmandi Kanu?