Where Is Joe

By Ikenga Chronicles March 26, 2020

Where Is Joe

— Dr. Vitus Ozoke

Where is Joe Biden? Why is Biden missing in action? It’s either Joe does not know that he is the Democratic candidate for November, or he does not know that campaign has already begun. Consistent with coronavirus protocols, Biden should have occasional public and media presence.

Biden can offer alternative leadership vision in a time of crisis without being politically partisan. Missing in action and ceding the public square to the clueless leader does not spell leadership either. As a matter of fact, it spells missing in action, except it does it in all caps.

JOE BIDEN: The Un-Nigerian Vice President

Donald Trump is gradually but surely destroying America. He is playing politics with coronavirus. At each step of the way his decisions have been motivated, not by the interest of Americans and their national security needs, but by his selfish reelection interest.

From calling early warnings a hoax created by Democrats, to undermining health experts and scientists as he tries to navigate the crisis in a direction that drives up his poll numbers among his base, Trump has proven to be deadlier for the American economy and society than the virus itself. Joe should show up and help restore faith. You want to be president? You better show your face in time of crisis.