When Will President Buhari Stop Lying To Nigerians?

By Ikenga Chronicles September 10, 2018

When Will President Buhari Stop Lying To Nigerians?

This is by no means an attempt to talk down or insult the President of Nigeria. It is simply the act of asking the hard question that may cause President Muhammadu Buhari, to carry out a proper introspection that should help him to be better, and most importantly, start treating Nigerians better.

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One must remember that this was a man who was voted in by Nigerians, because they believed that he was a man of integrity, who was committed to making the country better.Few months into his Presidency, it became obvious that Muhammadu Buhari does not only lack integrity, but that he actively shields and protects those who are clearly criminals. You do not need to be an active follower of Nigerian politics to realize that under Buhari, people very close to him have been protected from corruption prosecution simply by virtue of the fact that they are his loyalists. From Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, through Abba Kyari, to Orji Uzor Kalu, Babachir Lawal, Kemi Adeosun, and others, what makes you “incorrupt” in the Buhari corruption-fighting dictionary is just your loyalty to the man who parades himself as the anti-corruption champion of Africa. Once you “kiss the ring” and pledge your loyalty to Buhari,you become a Christian convert, and are immediately absolved of all your sins. The case of Senator Godswill Akpabio(who was about to face corruption charges, and who is now talking tough about how he joined the Buhari team, to fight corruption) easily comes to mind.

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It gets worse. While Buhari may be forgiven or ignored for protecting his loyalists, what is insulting to Nigerians is the confidence with which he still goes around talking about how he is fighting corruption. Worse still, is the impudence with which he lies about not having money such that he said he took a loan to purchase the Presidential nomination form with which he contested for the Presidency in 2015. If in 2015 Nigerians believed that a former head of state who was receiving millions monthly as pension could not afford to pay for his nomination form, it borders on blatant labeling of Nigerians as fools, for this same man, who has everything about his existence(from haircuts to food he eats) paid for by Nigerians, while receiving salaries, to say that three years in, he could not still afford to buy the same form! This is while his wife carries bags that only one of them can pay for the form, while his son rides a power bike that can purchase the form with ease. That such a man will be that bold in lying, says a lot about who he really is, and how much he perceives Nigerians as big fools who can be told childish lies.

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One must also bear in mind that while Nigerians are daily killed by Boko Haram, this same man boldly mounts the stage and talks about how under him, Boko Haram has been “severely degraded”, then works hard to cover up the numerous massacres of civilians and soldiers by the terrorist group.

It seems that for Muhammadu Buhari then, lies are second nature. Except of course one is to believe that Mr. President lives in an alternate Nigeria, where his reality is different from the one that Nigerians live in.

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Since all evidences point to the fact that Buhari exists in the same Nigeria that everyone sees him and his security agencies protect corrupt loyalists while persecuting those in the opposition; same Nigeria where the people know how much is paid to him yearly, and where his wife and children live extravagant lives; same Nigeria where Boko Haram still holds sway; it is then evident that what the President dishes out are consciously constructed hot lies aimed at deceiving Nigerians.

The question therefore is; when would President Muhammadu Buhari stop seeing Nigerians as fools, and stop telling them childish lies?