What The Yoruba Nation Wants

By Ikenga Chronicles June 8, 2018

What The Yoruba Nation Wants

— Remi Oyeyemi

We know what we want. And it does not include a Greek gift from a tyrant.

While it is great for Mohammadu Buhari to honour MKO posthumously, after conspiring with others to deny him his mandate and eventually have him killed, we must shine our eyes so that we are not led to Golgotha to be guillotined.

How has that posthumous honour to MKO changed the system that allows a child that gets 40 marks out of 500 have admission and the one that scores 280 not get admission because of where he/she came from?

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Right now, I am tired of jaw-jawing that leads nowhere but fortuitous happenstances. What we need is action and a shift in loyalty from political carpetbaggers, political dealers, scallywags and mercantilists who are leading us in Yorùbá Nation today. That loyalty must shift to the survival and sustenance of the Yorùbá Nation.

When that loyalty is shifted, we will be able to see clearly and adopt not just a new methodology in isolating more sincere and patriotic replacement political leadership, we will be able to move forward positively.

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A situation where those who claim to lead us in Yorùbá Nation are not able to speak up when our people are being murdered, raped and maimed, when our farms are being destroyed and our villages are being burnt or taken over; a situation when those who claim to lead us care not about the agonies on our streets, the hunger in our homes, the povertization of our people is not a good leadership. Whether we like it or not, this is a treacherous leadership that we must junk.

The asininity of those who engage in politicisation of the existential threats to the Yorùbá Nation must be rejected, exposed, discredited and vilified. There is no two way about it. This is because when your existence is under threat there is no decency in the engagement modality. That is why they keep threatening to assassinate us and decimate our ranks by planting moles in our midst to divide us and echo platitudinal incoherences.

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We have been taken for a ride for too long by those we have trusted with our destiny who couched their Mercantilist Political Philosophy as being the interest of Yorùbá Nation.

All they want is money and they haven’t qualms about stealing from the Yorùbá people and the Yorùbá Nation under various garbs and pretences.

It is why it was easy for them to go into a destructive alliance that is resulting into an enslavement we are now resisting.

We need serious sanitization of our political leadership in Yorùbá land and get real.

We need RESTRUCTURING that would result to, among other things, STATE POLICE and DEVOLUTION of power from the center.

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Every ETHNIC NATIONALITY RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE ITS OWN DESTINY within or without the ambit of Nigerian State.

This is why the 2019 Election is just more than that. It will determine the fate of Nigeria – whether it will survive or cease to exist.

I have pitched my tent. And it is very evident where it is.

God help us.

Thank you.