What Nigerian Women Go Through In Their Marriages (3)–Emeka Ugwuonye

By Ikenga Chronicles November 14, 2016

What Nigerian Women Go Through In Their Marriages (3)–Emeka Ugwuonye

Continuing with the third part of the revetting story of a woman who did everything to save her marriage but failed, I present to you Part 3 of the series. I have one surprise for you. At the end of these series, I will hopefully reveal the identity of this lady (if she agrees to do so). What will shock you is the fact that she is above one of the most beautiful women I have seen on Facebook, if I could judge by pictures. You will spend days wondering why a man with such a wife would even bother to look at another woman, how much less her own maid.

I present Part 3, which is a direct continuation from where Part 2 stopped:
…. The next question he asked d doctor was ” doctor please, what could be the cause of this bleeding? Could it be as me and my wife met as husband and wife that brought about the bleeding?”. I looked at him, knowing too well we had not done anything since the 3rd of January I was deemed fertile and ovulating. And this was around July/August. It was his way of being petty. He just wanted the doctor to approve his suspicions then he can start hammering on it. The doctor replied him that she should be the one asking him what could have led to the situation, because from the scan, the baby was distressed and my blood pressures were high. She suggested I needed enough rest, which I privately told her to admit me that my home was hell and I didn’t want to go home for now. She admitted me and I was in the hospital for a few days which my husband came only twice and didn’t come again.

Until I sent him an sms telling him I had been discharged. He should come take me home. By then I was already tired and wanted to go home. And so we went home and it still didn’t end there. On one of the occasions, during our normal fights, he told me I was filthy, dirty and smelling. That can’t I see that was why he has stopped touching me? That everyday he goes to work and prays that by the time he’s home I would have angrily packed my things and left the house. But still he will come home and meet my frustrated self in his house because I didn’t have anywhere to go. That did my father (late) build a house? That I should do and go, but that I should just go alone and leave his children because if I try to go with them, that he will fight me with the last drain of his blood. “Children… Was including the one that was still in my tommy o”.

Another occasion, he came home very late and obviously drunk. Even though I was worried and keeping my ears for his horn when he would come back. Immediately I heard his horn at the gate, I pretended to be asleep. Even though then, I was having and complaining of setious insomnia. My body wasn’t responding to all the sleep pills my doctor prescribed for me. I would be wide awake from night till morning morning till night with my pregnancy. These complaints I made him understand all, not like he didn’t know. So as soon as I heard his horn, I pretended to be fast asleep in my son’s room with the air conditioner on . He came in and sent the maid to call me. The girl came and called me but I didn’t answer, pretending to be fast asleep. I heard the girl tell him I was asleep, yet he told the girl to go tap me and wake me up. The girl came back upstairs to the room and tapped me, and so I screamed at her. Reminding her how many times I’ve told them to allow me be anytime I tried to sleep, because as at then, it was very much of an expensive luxury for me. She went back and told him only for him to run upstairs angrily, shouting my name that I was stubborn and that he would deal with me and was pulling at my hair and shaking my whole pregnant self from head down. I was shouting and crying that I was pregnant. He should remember I’m pregnant and leave me alone. He beckoned on the girl to bring knife which I was screaming for her not to.

He ran downstairs to the kitchen to bring knife I stood up and ran to a corner thinking he wanted to stab me. The next thing I saw…. He went and unplugged the A/C socket and cut the plug head off, shouting ” did your father buy A/C till he died?” I crieeeeedddddd….. I crieeeeeddd…. I asked him what has my late dad done so wrong that he would not even respect the fact that he was dead and resting? He then came to carry my baby that had been lying next to me to his own room. I detested. I told him my son stays where I stay. He can’t leave me in heat and go to his room to where there is A/C with my son. If I’m hot my son stays with me. He carried the sleeping boy, while I dragged at the boy with tears in my eyes. He saw I wasn’t ready to let go and was ready to die that night, he left the boy for me and stabled to his room. I followed suit and was crying after him. At close range, I perceived he was writhing of alcohol. It was during our arguments he told me I was filthy and dirty and Snelling that was why he never touched me.

I had to go back to my son’s room and continued crying till sleep finally took the best of me. He never hesitated to call me the ” useless daughter of a useless woman” he hated my mom with passion tagging her a witch! There were so many incidents. So many I can’t even recall as I write…. Some I’m too tired to relay too as this text Is getting me emotional as I write. What broke the camel’s back….

What broke the camel’s back…. Was still in my second pregnancy, since he had stopped eating my food, showing me any form of affection, at some point, even seized the car keys and subjected me to trecking under the hot sun ( an act that was very typical of him. This was usually the first punishment I got anytime we had even the slightest of argument), people saw me and asked” madam why you dey treck with this your big belle for under this hot sun?” I’ll say ” Na doctor ask me to exercise o” just to avoid embarrassment. I also got close to one of his girls pump attendants) at his filling station, and all what the girl revealed to me shocked me to my marrows. It dawned on me more that I have obviously been living in a fool’s paradise, thinking I had a husband.

The girl, obviously had scores with another of her colleague,whom I could deduce from her story, snatched oga ( my husband) from her. The girl told me how he slept with her colleague on our matrimonial bed one time I travelled home. Because normally some evenings, one of the girls bring the proceeds of the day to the house, if he was not opportuned to go to the office before the close of work. So one time I travelled home, he slept with the said girl who came back gisting her closest colleague and friend, how fine our room and kitchen was. She described exactly how our bedroom and kitchen was ( because the confidant of her obvious rival went ahead to discuss it with the rest). She told me of a day I came to the office, that oga’s girl friend brought food, and was in the car when I came so she pretended to be a customer who came to buy fuel, and I didn’t notice.

When I walked in, oga was already eating the food which I remember I asked him where he got it and he told me he bought it. He allowed me eat out of the food his concubine prepared for him!!!! Hmmmmm…… The girl told me how oga doled out fuel and even monetary gifts to almost every girl in uniport ( because the filling station was just around the university campus and in the centre of the off campus hostels), so girls trooped the area a lot. That people around the area knew oga as maga that dashes fuel and money to all and sundry. Anyone who caught his fancy. Hmmmmmm ( yet his family was thinking it was I and my family that has been derailing his finance, because at some point, his father came to me to ask me if his son was building a house for my mother? That his son was not doing well financially, despite his good business). This question came because he had started painting me black in the presence of his people who had started being bias at the time.

He would tell them a all sorts of evil things about me just so that he could get them on his side anytime we had issues, which worked for him though. By the time the dad came to ask me, I had not heard about the filling station doling out of fuel and money gist. So I told the dad there was nothing like house built for my mother nor any member of my family (because before this time he always hammered how I came from a poor home) so obviously, one who came from a poor home and whose father didn’t build a house before he died, needed a house I guess. So that was the picture he was painting to all who cared to look at the picture…… Plenty things….. I’ll omit for sake of thumb stiffening and my emotions getting the best of me…..plenty things happened…..
So fast forward to what broke d camel’s back…..


NOTE: There will be Part 4 to this story, and possibly Parts 5 and 6.

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