What Is Your Life’s Calling?

By Ikenga Chronicles June 3, 2018

What Is Your Life’s Calling?

Sola Sorinolu

He was my Hebrew History and Poetry lecturer at the seminary. He was also one of the best Bible teachers I ever had. It was during one of his classes that he disclosed a decision that he took several years ago. One that he had since regretted.

When he was a young man charting his career path, he got a scholarship through an America/Africa exchange initiative to study at Princeton. He was excited about the admission except for the given discipline—education. He did not want to be a teacher! So he declined!

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Several years later, he found himself in the seminary. Doing what? Teaching!

His story resonated deeply with me. That is because I have a similar tale but with a different colouration. I fought being in education too. But that is all I do now, albeit Christian Education. Be it teaching at seminars and conferences, writing a weekly Christian education column or my daily posts on Linkedin!

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The truth is this: God has not left anyone of us without a nudge of what He would have us do with our lives. But more often than not, we are too pre-occupied with our ambitions and plans to notice it. And it is in obeying this nudging that we find our place and ultimate fulfilment.