What Feminism Is Not

By Ikenga Chronicles January 28, 2020

What Feminism Is Not

— Nnedinso Ogaziechi

A young man is allegedly stabbed to death by his wife. There is outrage and agony by family and friends. Then some cerebrally challenged, modern day social media ‘experts’ jump in to justify the alleged homicide after all, the allegation of cheating is up in the air. ‘Good for him, all these cheating men….’ they scribble and rant.

Feminism is just a word. However, this word cannot be turned to a shelter housing atrocities by either men or women in the world. Granted the world is skewed against women, socially, economically and politically but the female and MALE (yes! There are male feminists) advocates around the world are not about to give trophies to women who turn the tables against men.

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Feminism of the purest form is not about canonizing females who turn around and met out the parochial male injustice on the opposite sex. Injustice is not gender sensitive.

Core, rational feminists are not fixated on physiological similarities or differences, they just urge the world to lessen the yoke of suffering that females around the world are faced with.

Feminists are concerned with the tragedy of the girl child from cradle to grave. No fetus should be aborted because of her gender. The girl child should not be raised just to make the male happy. Equal educational opportunities must be available to both male and female children.

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No girl should be exploited sexually or made to underachieve in her dreams. Feminists are preaching for equal opportunities so that women can be empowered to maximally contribute to development.

Let each woman lift up the girl next door through education and widening of opportunities for her to excel.

Feminism cannot be a tool in any head to justify wrong actions. Humanity can do without certain exaggerated sense of victimhood that in turn takes refuge in irrationality that propel injustice of any kind.

Feminism seeks the seamless human appreciation of the human spirit that inhabit all humans without the obstructive definitions of gender capacity.

Pseudo feminists should not thwart the noble ideas being propagated by those who genuinely want human progress and happiness. There are many things feminism is not. Demonizing all men and propagating a certain female sense of infallibility do not a feminist make.

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Let the ‘social media’ experts allow the family to mourn in privacy while the appropriate authorities investigate and make sure justice is served both to the living and the dead.

And today, Maryam Sanda the wife that stabbed her husband to death has been sentenced to death by hanging…

Avoidable tragedy.

Where are the Pseudo feminists that were hailing her crime in 2017? Parents must begin to raise sensible kids!

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The above piece I wrote in November 2017. Am I happy for the capital punishment? No. Lesson is, no relationship should cost pain let alone a life! Learn to leave a toxic relationship, man or woman! Once a relationship no longer brings friendship and laughter, quit! So sad for the couple who have a child between them!