We Now Know The Source Of The Weapons Being Used to Murder Nigerians–PDP

By Ikenga Chronicles March 10, 2018

We Now Know The Source Of The Weapons Being Used to Murder Nigerians–PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has alleged that recent events have offered clues as to the source of the weapons being used by marauders in the country.

It will be recalled that a Senate committee headed by Senator James Manager visited the Nigerian customs to inspect military equipment including uniforms, boots, night vision goggles etc allegedly imported by the Kogi state government.

The PDP made this known in a statement released on Saturday, and signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan. According to the statement;

“The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that the linking of the exposed illegal importation of military equipment to All Progressive Congress (APC) interests, particularly in Kogi State, is revealing and places a heavy question on the doorsteps of the Presidency and the ruling party.

“Nigerians have been wondering how weapons and other military equipment get into the hands of marauders, who have been ravaging the nation…this discovery could be an unfolding clue for which an open investigation must be conducted.”

“From the reports so far, it appears that we are now having a clue on how weapons and other military equipment being used by marauders and criminals to ravage and murder our citizens are illegally sneaked into the country and by which interest.

“Nigerians now know that some persons and officials linked with APC interests have been playing roles in compromising the security of our nation by smuggling in military equipment for unknown groups ostensibly to carry out evil activities.

The party also expressed fears that the development could be part of the alleged plot by the APC to compromise the nation’s security system and set the stage for the intimidation of Nigerians during the 2019 general election and push their desperate but ill-lucked re-election bid.

The PDP also tasked the Presidency and military high command to immediately come out with explanations to Nigerians on how APC’s Governor Yayaha Bello allegedly secured the permission to import military equipment– a function which is exclusively under the purview of the Presidency and the military.

“We hold that this is a very critical matter and as a pro-people party, committed to the well being of Nigerians, urge the Presidency and the military to quickly offer explanations to Nigerians on who issued the end user certificate for the importation of the said military equipment into our country,” the statement continued.

“The PDP therefore demands an open forensic investigation so that Nigerians will know the truth. Nigerians need to know where the military gadgets were sourced from and who purchased them. They need to know who issued the end user certification for the importation and, if they are not for the military, then who is the actual end user and where is the intended final destination?

“Furthermore, we want an open inquest into the alleged involvement of Governor Yahaya Bello and his aides in this matter. What is their interest in the illegal cargo? Do Kogi officials run a militia or are they involved in an illegal trafficking for a wider political interest in the APC? How long have they been in this illegal business and what is the volume of deals so far?

“We therefore call on all well-meaning individuals and groups as well as the international community to note this development in our country and join forces in ensuring that the nation gets to the root of the matter.”