We Are Unhappy With President Buhari’s Closure Of The Border, Ogun State Obas!

By Ikenga Chronicles November 30, 2019

We Are Unhappy With President Buhari’s Closure Of The Border, Ogun State Obas!

Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan

During my study of psychology 40 years ago, rational and focused leadership, in a depressed economy, is an absolute ingredient towards, a balance between meeting the needs of the people and that of the government’s needs!

President BUHARI is so animated, he never thinks outside the box!

I had the opportunity to discuss an economic policy with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair about government’s expectations in achieving our goals and he showed a great understanding of the word, achieving goals by stating that, in every economy, there is a black hole. There is no 100% achievement, in some endeavours.

The issue was, arresting those illegal economic migrants. The English hate certain jobs, particularly in the care industry where foreigners thrive. Therefore, if every illegal worker in that industry were to be deported, there would be serious implications, in the care industry! By implication, certain industries often than not cannot exist without the use of cheap labour hence the black hole!

What we need to do, is control and make such unfortunate black hole meet the expectations. The Canadian government, regularised that black hole, by offering full opportunities, to register your status by giving visas, to people in that aspect of special needs, by not only providing the visa but guardian to all applicants, about accommodation and jobs to those willing and able to take advantage, of their work visa proviso, in areas of need!

So, an intelligent prime minister or president would consider all options and risks before passing any law or making restrictions.

Out of the blues, President BUHARI closed the borders to stop smuggling!

Smuggling is like prostitution, the oldest trade in the world while smuggling has been an act of desperation to side track the laws, to acquire goods which normally, should be bought locally through the supply and sales of commodities, that came into the country legally.

In the United States and Europe, food is not a luxury but an essential commodity for existence, as a staple food!

I recall over 60 years experience, rice was an expensive commodity, our parents only cook during Easters and Xmas. We all love eating it!

So, President BUHARI came back with promises of making life better for every Nigerian, after clueless former President Jonathan devalued our currency from 28 naira to a pound, to 210 naira to one pound with the useless, dumb expert Mrs. Iweala, the former finance minister who watched and partook in the destruction, of our buying power.

On the back of improving the economic situation, better governance, stopping corruption and ensuring stabilisation of our currency, everybody, including old and dying voted for president BUHARI ‘s return, as the president. This was after horrible experience during his first tenure, as the military head of state which was a nightmare, no sane Nigerian wanted him back, as head of state.

He would achieve nothing but ruin everything while looting billions like his friend late Abacha.

I was unconvinced he was capable of bringing any change because he is known to love bloodshed and lack any understanding of fundamental human rights and no ideology of any sort. He made blunders whenever the opportunity availed itself, telling the Germans, women belong, to the kitchen and the other room, apart from the bedroom!

In an age when several countries, have women presidents and has been a war of equality for the last 150 years, when the suffragettes, fought the war of women’s right to vote!

It was downright stupid to say the most embarrassing statement of gender discrimination, in front of a female German chancellor, in the 20th century!

President Buhari decided to listen to his former military friend now customs comptroller, to close the borders, that have existed for over 400 years!

This is why, the law exists that to avoid conflicts of interest, Presidents must engage those at arms length reach and not friends and family to be executives, to run an honest and efficient government.

Most African states indulged in employing family and friends, and are always found corrupt and inefficient! The president of Liberia and Equatorial Guinea are notoriously, known to hire their families and friends and while Liberian lady president was kicked out of government, the Equatorial Guinea president and son, are still looting billions of the tiny country’s revenue.

So, let’s see what went wrong with the dumb policy of President BUHARI!
Within months of being made president, president BUHARI denied all the promises he made during his re-election campaign promises but that these were APC agenda and he had no intention of keeping such promises, which he revoked.

He promised to serve and effect good governance but as soon as, he got the power, he became the power drunk clueless president like Dumb Jonathan the Shell billion dollars bribe taker!

President BUHARI embarked on borrowing billions from the Chinese and within months, our currency was devalued to 504 naira to a pound!

The effect, the commodities selling prices sky rocketed! Poor people praying for salvation were distraught and disappointed. He was not a Jehovah but a jihadist, who hates western values.

Salaries were not being paid for months and years which led to starvation and suicide.

President BUHARI is a cold hearted soldier not trained to rule but to protect.

He failed woefully but did not stop borrowing and why the borrowing? Money laundering must be the reason since they all want the stolen money to be in foreign currency, after looting the central banks of foreign currency.

He should have allowed the borders to be open and intensified checks and control stiffened. The black hole will always exist. This is how the poor people get cheap food. We are talking about most likely millions of grains rice that would feed millions of poor and starving people. The stupid illiterate customs were happy to arrest a woman who had tiny bags for own consumption parades as a smuggler because they do not understand own consumption to commercial quantities for smuggling. The value of the small bags she was arrested for, is no more than £2.00 rice here, in England! She would be jailed and raped most likely and it would cost the government 450,000 naira to keep her locked, dumb morons are in charge of our lives!

In most countries, they have food banks for the homeless and unemployed, which is comparable to the volume of rice coming illegally through the borders. They would still pay the tax and duty but much cheaper than Dangote’s inflated prices outside the reach of the poor. The customs of Ghana were exposed of massive corruption and it was so unbelievable how they enrich themselves embarrassing the poor while the rich get away with murder!

Always elect rational leaders who are human beings and are passionate!

Any new tax the country will introduce it purely to loot the people while doing nothing for the people.

Army officers in Nigeria are not trained to be rational but to be hard and uncaring soldiers, who are not leaders but trained killers to protect the people. I was in the army before and I Know the bases of the military training otherwise why are the military head of states the most corrupt and looters?

  • Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan
  • Founder the reform party of Nigeria