We Are All A Stone Throw Away From Becoming Southern Kaduna

By Ikenga Chronicles January 9, 2017

Southern Kaduna is boiling. As at last count, the figures being touted are in the hundreds(close to 1,000).Quite a few people have seen any need to forcefully demand that the government stops sitting on the fence and take decisive action to bring to an end, the actions of the marauding Fulani killers. As far as most are concerned, there is no need to criticize the government’s poor handling of the situation, after all, doing so will reveal the shortcomings of the Propagandist Chief Nasir El Rufai, and President Buhari’s powerlessness in exerting authority over El Rufai. Both men, as many of know are the benefactors of most of the much touted activists in Nigeria.

But what they all forget is that we are all just a stone throw away from being Southern Kaduna.

It is first of all quite amazing that despite the ethnic cleansing going on in Southern Kaduna, there has been no assertive action by either the state government led by El Rufai, or the Federal Government of Muhammadu Buhari, both of whom are incidentally kinsmen of the marauding Fulani. Their reactions to the killings have been at best theatrical.

First, El Rufai sought to pay the killers, then he asked the victims to embrace peace, then President Buhari refused to release any statement on the killings on the grounds that it is a state affair, before the Inspector General of Police then poured fuel on a raging inferno by saying that the number of victims being touted was exaggerated. All of these sum up the real actions taken by the government on the killings, and in response, the killers continue to flourish, unchecked.

What seems to be the government’s message is that it does not matter how many people are slaughtered by the Fulani, government will simply not intervene. That was also the government’s stance when the Fulani invaded Benue and Enugu States. It seems then that for our government, the Fulani have the freedom to kill and maim as they please.

That leaves us—citizens.

A few months ago, it was Benue state, then Enugu, and now Southern Kaduna. Tomorrow, it could be Port Harcourt, Lagos, Calabar, or Kano. What we must realise is that unless  we all stand firm and let this government know that except it takes drastic actions to stop the killings, we as citizens will be forced to protect ourselves, these killings will continue, and tomorrow, may be brought directly to the place we perceive as our safe haven. It does not matter how far away we think we may be from what is happening now, the truth remains that unless it is checked, we are all vulnerable. There is no hiding; no casual comments on southern Kaduna. We must stand firm like some did with Occupy Nigeria, and the kidnap of the Chibok girls and let this government know that we stand with Southern Kaduna.

When four young Israelis were killed recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  immediately reacted, calling it an act of unprovoked terrorism on Israel, and vowed to take immediate action. Thousands have died in the hands of the Fulani, under Muhammadu Buhari, and he has not done anything to the perpetrators. Perhaps he needs to be reminded that the people elected him, and can bring him down. It is time for us as a nation to stand with our brothers and sisters in Southern Kaduna, and bring an end to the killings.

Whoever keeps silent or refuses to act does so at his or her own peril because no matter how safe you may think you are today, the truth remains that we are all one stone throw away from being Southern Kaduna.


–Nnaemeka Oruh




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