Wasted Years (Episode 14)

By Ikenga Chronicles September 14, 2018

Wasted Years (Episode 14)

I didn’t have a womb, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to save myself. I could have kept that pregnancy, any sensible girl would have done it to damn the consequences, but I was too foolish and wanted to keep the relationship that I finally lost. I lost everything, my womb, the baby, and the man.

I didn’t know how long I had stood there, staring at Yemisi dumbfounded.
I was shivering so hard and for so long my bones and muscles ached. The wild look on my eyes, my heart was broken into pieces, I could hear it shattering.

“Are you joking or something? Are you trying to scare me? Did you come all the way to my office to scare me?” I reeled off these words in a shaky tone.

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Yemisi blinked, tears dropping from her eyes. I was getting sick feelings in the pit of my stomach. “I did it Ifure. Dakota asked me to, he asked me to do it so that you will stop aborting and getting pregnant too. I just had to do it…He isn’t the man I thought he would be. I made a mistake please, forgive me Ifure.” She knelt down forcefully, catarrh running down her nose.

My head snapped around.

“Why did you have to do this to me?” I asked, my voice was shaky.

“Why didn’t you just take him and leave my womb alone. Why?”

“I am sorry Ifure, just listen to me please….”

“Get up and get out before I tear you into pieces, leave now!” I exclaimed bitterly. There was still shock and a look of despair on my face.

“Please Ifure, I was so stupid. Forgive me. I have been with this load for years, help me please. Whatever I did was out of ignorance and stupidity…”

“Liar! You did it out of wickedness! You’re a wicked human…”

“I beg of you. God will bless you please…”

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“You don’t know God and God will never know you. You haven’t seen any suffering yet.”

“Please help me, the doctor said I might die if I try to do a CS. I know that this isn’t ordinary, if you used jazz or juju to do this, help me out. Unlock my womb!” She cried out bitterly.

My head was almost bursting. “You think if I had the heart of using juju on you I wouldn’t have done it since? Please, leave my sight, before I do something stupid.”

She stood to her feet forcefully, tears still dropping down her eyes. “I will go!”

“I will arrest you and sue you!” I yelled.

“My father won’t let you. I will tell the police that it’s what you and your ex boyfriend signed and paid for, I will win Ifure!” She said with anger and dubiousness in her tone. My heart shattered as I fisted my hand in folds and searched the table, I was looking for something to throw at her. I carried my laptop and threw at her, but she dodged it, and it scattered on the floor, the keypads jumping out from it places.

“Get out!” I yelled. My staff opened my door immediately, I could see the panic on their faces. “madam is everything fine?” They asked in choruses.

“drag this bitch out of here!” I screamed.

“Madam please you have to leave.”

“Get my word Yemisi, I will find you and you will pay for all that you have done to me.” I cried out. My staff held her and took her away and from that moment, my life had not been the same again.

I walked out of my office and drove myself home without my phone.

I was in my room for two days, staring at my ceiling and crying myself to sleep, and each time I closed my eyes, I could only see mystery that I couldn’t bear. I hadn’t heard anything but the drum of my blood.

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Then I heard a knock on my door, “Ifure, Ifure, are you in there? I hope you’re alright?” It was Inyene’s voice. I didn’t say a word I still kept mute until the next person called my name again, “Baby, please tell me everything is fine?” It was Olamide. I rushed to the bathroom and washed my face, hurriedly wore my night gown and a sweater and walked hastily to the door. I inhaled a sharp breath before I opened the door.

“Hi…” I said shyly. My eyes were obviously sad and gritty.

“What has been happening to you? I called your lines uncountable times since the day before yesterday you didn’t pick my calls.” Inyene said, it was then that I realized I hadn’t been with my phone for days. “Your mom and Ola were so worried, we visited your office and your staff said the last time you left the office, there was a disaster, what happened?” I didn’t know what to say, my eyes were on Olamide, who was quietly staring at me.

“Baby, talk to us. Are you alright?” Olamide asked softly. He’d been staring pitifully at me since Inyene began to talk.

“I am fine. Come in.” I said as soon as I realized I’d been keeping them outside and standing at the door since. “I have been really sick.” I said softly.

“And you didn’t call me to take you to the hospital…” Olamide said as he held my hands and led me to the couch.

“You’ve been sick and you didn’t call anyone, you got me worried.” Inyene said worriedly.

“I am getting better.” I said weakly as Olamide helped me to settle on the chair. He knelt and held my hands, “Do you want anything. Let me call a doctor first.” He said soothingly.

“I need a cup of cappuccino. Get it for me at the coffee place down the street.”

“Okay, Inyene watch her please.” He said, as he hurried out.

“You will be fine.” Inyene said.

“I am not sick.” I said.

“What? Then what’s wrong with you.”

“Yemisi came to the office to see me.”

“Which office? Which Yemisi?”

“Which one do you know? Dakota’s wife came to my office with a big protruded belly.”

Inyene gave a loud sigh, “Is she a dog? She is always pregnant.”

“I am about to give you the shocker of your life.” I cleared my throat, “She came to tell me that Dakota paid her to take my womb.”

Inyene was bewildered as she gasped in shock, “Tell me this is a big lie.”

“I won’t be looking like a piece of thrash right now.” I said weakly.

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September 2018