Wasted Years (Episode 13)

By Ikenga Chronicles September 12, 2018

Wasted Years (Episode 13)

Two years had passed since Dakota and I left each other, but the wound he left in my heart was still hurting. The memories was still fresh like it was yesterday.

Olamide didn’t give up on me. He was still visiting whenever he was in the country and less busy.

I had been a celibate for too long. I damned every feeling that wanted to desist me from being in a relationship and typed a long message to Olamide one evening.

‘I want to kiss you in the rain, so that it will drain away every sad memory that causes set back in my life. I want to be in your arms and be safe there forever. Please don’t break my heart.’

It was 10:33 pm, I was at my house, warmth under the duvet when he called me few minutes after I sent the message.

Wasted Years (Episode 3)

“Hello?” I said softly.

“Where are you?” he asked huskily.

“I’m home.”

“I will be there in less than an hour. Give me the address to your house.”

“I will send it to you as SMS.” I said and hung up the call.

I sent him my house address and he kept calling for directions when he was close, and as soon as he got to my house, I rushed out and met him. He was primed and waiting in his car when I got out to see him. At this point, there was nothing to be hidden anymore, he was in love with me, and I was beginning to love him too. I was shy, bubbly and almost overly bright one moment, quiet and withdrawn the next. He held me in his arms and said, “Loosen yourself and let me love you in peace.” He kissed me.

The kiss was warm and wonderful. I floated on it, enjoying the sensations, savoring the pleasure that eddied through me in gentle waves.

Wasted Years (Episode 8)

It had been so long since I’d kissed. Too long, I thought dreamily. Drifting on a cottony cloud of delight, I opened my mouth to the one that settled over me.
The kiss became serious. A hard arm wrapped around my waist. Delight erupted into pleasure so hot and intense it jolted through me like an electric charge.

My eyes flew open, I couldn’t believe I was kissing Olamide. He was an interesting kisser. Quite warm and romantic. I had wasted wo years, dying in loneliness, I should have known earlier. I was wrapped in his arms, like I owned it. This was a man I had never thought I would date. I was damned, thoroughly flustered, I shoved out of his hold.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I am scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“Scared of falling in love.” I cried out as I became emotional.

The Church Scandal (Episode 24)

“Can’t you see the signs?”

“What signs?” I asked tearily.

“That I love you. Haven’t I proved to you that I adore you Ifure?” His voice was tight.

“I am sorry, I am putting this on you.” I said confusingly. He held me firmly and said, “My sister will be coming back from the U.S next weekend I hope she will meet you.”


“Yeah, my only sister. She is the eldest.”

“She is based in the U.S?” I asked.

“No. She has been having some medical issues with her pregnancy, so she decided to go to the U.S.”

“I would like to meet her.” I said with a soft smile.

“It’s my first time of taking a girl to her. She will be impressed. After that, we will meet my parents.”

“So soon?”

“What’s soon?”_

The Church Scandal (Episode 21)

“I mean meeting your parents.”

“It isn’t soon Ifure. We’ve known each other for a year now.”

“And we just began dating an hour ago or less.”

He held me closer to himself, “I know who you are baby, It doesn’t have to take years.” He added with as much authority as he could muster at the moment.

“I know, I know, I still need time please.” He accepted the dictum with a curt nod. “I will give you one month.” He said as if it was an order.


The new week came with a sad news, a face that brought bad news and messed my entire day.

First, the knock came at the door, it was my secretary Ansa.

Diary Of A Pastor’s Wife (Part 2)

“Good morning ma, a woman is here to see you.”

“no name?” I asked, “I don’t have a date with any woman.”

“She refused to tell me her name.”

“Why? Is she a ghost? What does she look like?”

“A pregnant woman ma.”

“If it’s one of these women who come to beg for money, help her out, I’m not ready to hear anyone’s sad story.”

“She is a big woman ma, she drove in with an expensive car.” Ansa said.

“Okay, maybe it’s a customer, let her In.” I said, as I took my face away and concentrated on the catalogue I was holding.

The near panic returned, prickling my skin with icy goose bumps. It was Yemi, and she was pregnant again. How blessed, I thought as I stood to my feet.

“Yemisi, what do you want here?” I asked with a stern glare.

Runs (Episode 18)

She was mute for a moment, then she coughed and said, “I am sorry to invade you this way, I have something important to tell you.”

“And what is that thing that is so important that you have to walk into my office uninvited?”

“You will never invite me here Ifure, not after all what my husband and I did to you.”

“oh please,” I waved away, “I have gotten over that nonsense you two did.”

“But karma hasn’t. Your curse worked.”

“What do you mean? You’re pregnant for your second or third child. Every time I see you, you’re always pregnant.” I said.

Tears clouded her eyes, as she lowered herself on a chair gently.

“I have gone round churches Ifure, there is no country I have not been to,”

“What the hell are you talking about? Who cares about how many countries you’ve been to? Have you come to mock me?”

“I have been pregnant for almost two and a half years now.” She said tearily but softly.

“Is this a joke?”

Wasted Years (Episode 11)

“I can’t even opt for a caesarean section, the radiographer can’t even see if there is a foetus in there or not. Yet, I feel my baby’s soft kicks. It isn’t just your curse that worked, it’s karma Ifure,” She cried out. “Dakota asked me to take out your womb, so that you won’t conceive anymore. I had to do it for him, for friendship sake.”

My chest was squeezing before she finished her words.

©Vicky Bon
September 2018