Wasted Years (Episode 12)

By Ikenga Chronicles September 11, 2018

Wasted Years (Episode 12)

Months after Inyene’s wedding, I had resumed work. I needed to make thirty neckpieces for a client’s fashion company.

Olamide wouldn’t give up, for the last four months, he kept sending flowers and chocolates to my office.

I sighed when I opened the note he sent along with the rose, colorful bouquet.

“This boy na ajebutter.” I muttered with a smile.

We talked on phone all the time and I’d dodged having a lunch date with him on several occasions.

“Today I vowed, echoing my soft promise “Today I will see him.”

And all the while, I didn’t tell Inyene about him. I called her to inform of my first date with him.

“There is this guy…” I said.

“Yaaaaay! She has a guy!” Inyene exclamed excitedly over the phone.

“Hold on first, I don’t have any guy.”

“Oh…so what guy are you talking about?” She asked disappointedly.

“This guy that was your husband’s best man,”


“yeah, he’s been asking me on a date for a few months now, and I am making up my mind…” She wouldn’t let me finish when she began to shout excitedly. “Hold on, how is he?” I asked.

“Oh well, that is the guy Tami and I wanted to hook up with you. Olamide Teniola, he is a rich dude, his father is one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria. Hold him tight…”

“see Inyene, I am not interested in all that, I am accepting to go on a date with him today because I didn’t cook, as in I no get food for house.”

Inyene bursted into a loud laugh, “you be longer throat. Ah! I miss you!”

“I miss you too, how is honeymoon?” I asked.

“Honeymoon just began baby!”

“After four months of marriage.” I sighed, “You’re not serious, you better resume work o.”

“Don’t worry, my husband doesn’t want me to work with Stanstech anymore. He wants me to get my own company.”

“Aw Inyene, I envy you o.”

“envy me ke! You no see the kind dude wey dey ask you on a date? Leave me jor!” She said with a chuckle.

“Have you gotten pregnant yet?” I asked.

“No way. Tami said we should wait for another eight months.”

“That long?”

“Yeah, yeah.” .

We talked a bit longer, and then hung up the call.

By noon of that day, I drove to Sanusa restaurant and bar. It was one of the most expensive intercontinental restaurants in Lagos, and it was my first time there.

Olamide had put it on the note he sent, that we should meet there. When I walked in, I saw him seated at a corner, sipping water from a glass cup, still holding his gaze on me till I reached him.

“Good afternoon beautiful.” He said softly. He looked different in a casual denim jacket and a jean trouser. He smelt nice too.

“Hi Ola,” I said with a shy smile.

“I am so privileged to have you on my lunch date today. Thank you.” He said thoughtfully as he held my hand. I felt a twinge of despair as his hands held mine firmly. He’d just gained more leverage over me more than I’d allowed any man since after Dakota.

“So, let’s see what’s for lunch, then we can order for my favorite wine.” He said excitedly as he tapped a finger at the waiter who walked elegantly to us, “You will wait here while we make our choices please.” He said as he handed the red filed menu to me. “You first,” he said.

I ran my eyes through the menu and made a choice. “I will go for toasted seven colored rice and roasted cat fish.” I said.

“Hmm, nice. ” He retorted with a nod. “Let me have fish and chips.” He said without looking at the menu. Then he went through the menu again and said, “Wow, you guys have Cheval Blanc 1947?” The waiter nodded. “Let me have it. it’s my favorite wine.”

“It’s $139, 125…” The elegant waiter was about to say when he interrupted, “I’m aware.” He said with a forced smile.

I was astound. I didn’t understand why anyone would spend such money on a bottle of wine.

“We’re done with our orders.” He said nicely as the waiter nodded respectively and walked away. His seductive eyes came back to me. “Thank you again for making this moment possible.” He said.

“I should be thanking you.” I said.

“Oh well, I’m more privileged.”

I flashed him a roguish grin.

I never liked Olamide, but he was head over heels in love with me. He treated like a queen and adored me so much. It was about his money.

So many times after our first lunch date, he’d visited my office with pizzas and ice creams in different cars. One day, he came with a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, and I heard my staff whispered, “E be like this madam boyfriend na yahoo boy, how person go get this kind money?”

But I only smiled at their gossips. I didn’t love him enough to query my staff for what she said. No man deserved it.
For a whole one year, I didn’t make the decision of dating Olamide. I always paused and thought if he was going to always remind me of my past pains. But he was patient, for once we’d not kissed. Our hug was casual, even if he involved emotions in it, I didn’t care.

Swallowing a mournful sigh, I knew I wasn’t getting older. And I mustn’t be in love to date a man who could do everything for me by all means, and who adored the very ground I walked on.

©Vicky Bon
September 2018