Vote Buhari In 2019, Vote For Your Death

By Ikenga Chronicles June 25, 2018

Vote Buhari In 2019, Vote For Your Death

Eighty-six. That is the number of persons that the Police officially said were killed in Plateau on Sunday. Independent reporters place the death toll to somewhere above one hundred! So while President Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress (APC) cohorts were dancing at the Eagle Square, Abuja, his kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen,descended on innocent Nigerians and gleefully slaughtered them, and as has become the practice, “vanished into thin air.”

It was not the first time that was happening in Plateau. In fact, it has become a trend. And the trend is not only restricted to Plateau state, it is almost an everyday occurrence in Zamfara, Benue, and so many other states. In fact, it is being said that more persons have been slaughtered in Nigeria in a year, than the number killed in Syria which is at war!

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And what has been President Buhari’s response to the gruesome massacre of Nigerians? Nothing. Nothing really apart from some empty talk of how “efforts are being made to arrest the issue.” While the “efforts are being made”, the herdsmen continue to have a field day, moving from one state to the other, killing people and destroying properties worth millions of Naira. Still no action is being taken by the President.

Well, almost no action. After all, when about five persons allegedly killed ONE herdsman in retaliation for the killing of their people, Buhari’s security forces went to work immediately, arrested them, and today, they have been sentenced to death, for killing ONE herdsman. Meanwhile, not one herdsman has been arrested and prosecuted even though they have killed close to 2,000 Nigerians in less than six months.

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The difference in the way the two scenarios above were treated shows that for President Buhari, the herdsmen are untouchable. Hence if he is allowed to continue to stay in office, they will only get bolder and massacre more and more people until the entire Nigeria is soaked in blood.There is no question of whether things will change, because they will not. Buhari has had three years and instead of the massacres reducing, they have increased a thousand fold.

So the choice before Nigerians come 2019 is not just about good leadership, fighting corruption (even though that in itself has become a major lie of the Buhari administration) it is about survival. Survival from the marauding hands of Buhari’s kinsmen who will only get bolder and continue to move inland and keep slaughtering more and more people until nobody is safe.

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So in essence, every vote for Buhari in 2019 is a nail to the voter’s coffin (if the person is lucky enough to die with his or her body intact).