United Kingdom Of America And Other Stories

By Ikenga Chronicles December 24, 2018

United Kingdom Of America And Other Stories

About a month ago, there was a viral video online which purportedly showed Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, referring to the United States Of America, as the “United Kingdom of America”. While it was not quite clear if that was exactly what he said(his accent made it difficult to really comprehend what he said), the story that he said United Kingdom of America caught and stayed. 

There are of course reasons for people to believe that such a gaffe can be made by the man who presides over the affairs of the most populous black nation on earth. These reasons stem from the fact that right from the days he was campaigning for the office of the President of Nigeria, between 2014-2015, Buhari’s utterances have been filled with so many avoidable mistakes that should not be made by someone with the capability to rule over such a diverse and complicated nation.

From referring to his then running mate(Professor Yemi Osinbajo) as Professor Yemi Osunbade, to calling his party(All Progressives Congress) the All Progressives Confidence,President Buhari set the tone for his Presidency by referring to Germany as “West Germany”, and calling the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “Angela Michelle”.

But these gaffes were not enough. Immediately after winning the election,the Nigerian President would go off point, making his infamous 97% vs 5% comment in the U.S, when simply asked if he would run an inclusive government. That the President of a nation does not understand what running an inclusive government meant was not only bizarre, but should have set off red flags.Yet it did not end there.

In series of gaffes before the international media, President Buhari moved from calling Nigerians abroad criminals, through saying his wife belongs to the kitchen, to ultimately saying Nigerian youths are lazy and are waiting for handouts.

Then came the big one. 

When asked about how he intends to tackle corruption in the country, the President who came to power riding on the reputation of being an anti-corruption Czar, somehow understood the question to mean “what is the future of oil prospecting companies in Nigeria?” and spent over two minutes before an international journalist talking about oil companies and their prospects in Nigeria!

The series of gaffes by the man, was what made it possible for people to believe that he would make the kindergarten mistake of referring to the United States of America as the “United Kingdom of America”. But more than that, it highlights the all important fact that age and other things make it clear that the man is not well equipped to be the leader of a nation such as Nigeria.

That age militates against Buhari’s performance as the President of Nigeria is a fact that he himself agreed to years ago. Which therefore begs the question; how else can a man so delimited be able to preside over Nigeria(a country weeping for dynamic and fresh ideas to save her from collapse and disintegration)as he nears his 80s?This perhaps is the key question Nigerians must seriously ask themselves as they vote in 2019.