UNITED: A Terrorist Airline

By Ikenga Chronicles April 12, 2017

UNITED: A Terrorist Airline

–Vitus Ozoke

Since September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, flying has become much more difficult, both physically and mentally. Physically, passengers are subjected to all manner of humiliations and indignities. Bags are rummaged; personal and private items are touched and tossed by total strangers in TSA uniforms; shoes are removed; belts are removed; pockets are emptied; and passengers are scanned down to their bones, and their naked images possibly stored in TSA systems. Mentally, there is total dehumanization.

But we put up with all that. We put up with all that because the Patriot Act says it is for our safety. The Patriot Act says that these physical and psychological humiliations and indignities are meant to keep us safe from terrorists. We have always thought and believed that terrorists would be fellow passengers who have duly paid and bought their tickets, but with no intention of any destination. Nothing would ever have prepared us for the discovery that an airline could be terroristic.

By their despicable act of violence on Monday, United Airlines have shown themselves to be a terrorist organization. It doesn’t get any more terroristic than having a ticket holding medical doctor, on his way to see his patients, bloodily roughed up and forcibly dragged out of the plane, because United Airline overbooked its flight, forgetting to reserve seats for its free flying employees. To beat up and violently remove a passenger who duly booked, paid, and held a valid ticket, to make room for United Airline employees who were flying free, is text book definition of terrorism. And it is the worst form of terrorism because it is entitlement terrorism.

We know what the law does with terrorists. First, the law removes them from the company of decent society. Terrorists and terrorist organizations must be avoided, and their businesses boycotted. They must be brought to, and under the full weight of, justice. And their victims must be compensated. United Airlines, having shown itself to be a terrorist organization, must be avoided and boycotted. United airlines, having engaged in a clear act of terrorism, must be brought to, and under the full measure of, justice. And as was the case with 911 victims, the victims of United Airlines Monday terrorism, including the good doctor who was bloodied and doubly humiliated, and every other passenger, including children, who was exposed and traumatized by the sight and sound and smell of blood, must be generously compensated.

Yes, the good doctor was doubly humiliated. First, he was humiliated at the TSA security screening gate where he was made to remove his shoes and belt; made to empty his pockets; made to spread his legs and raise his arms as he was x-rayed down to his bones in the scanning booth. He was humiliated again when he was violently dragged out of the airplane in the pool of his own blood by United Airline, to make room for some freeloading employees of United Airlines whose reason for flying, for all we know, might have been to keep a date with their mistresses and sugar daddies. We must demand that United Airlines be treated like the terrorists they are.

What is it with terrorists and Mondays? It was a beautiful Monday morning in Miami when our DCF training was cut short because the World Trade Center was burning.

Boycott United!

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