Uche Ogah Formally Joins The APC

By Ikenga Chronicles August 15, 2017

Uche Ogah Formally Joins The APC

— Onyebuchi Ememanka

-Says PDP is a failed party and run like a cult.

-To run for Governor in 2019.

After his expensive wild goose chase that lasted for almost two years which was spent defending a useless case he instituted, former PDP Governorship aspirant, Dr. Uche Ogah has formally joined the APC.

It will be recalled that Ogah contested for the ticket of the PDP for the 2015 elections and lost to incumbent Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. He would later go to court asking that Governor Ikpeazu be removed from office, on account of a ridiculous claim of false tax claims, a matter that dragged for several months and kept citizens of the state on their toes.

After all the legal fisticuffs, the matter terminated at the Supreme Court when the Chief Justice of Nigeria led a team of five Justices of the Court to dismiss the claims as a mere “storm in a tea cup”.

While I agree completely that Ogah is entitled to his choices of political association, I feel miffed that he would describe the PDP in such language, as if any other party is better.

Ogah benefitted hugely from the party he now refers to as a failed one. It was under a PDP-led Federal Government that he hit his jackpot in the fuel subsidy scheme.

In Abia State, his younger brother and his nominee was Commissioner for Health in the immediate past government, and he was a known stakeholder of the party up until a few weeks ago.

If he had joined the APC without spewing all that rubbish, I won’t mind because that is the order of the day in Nigeria. After all, the APC of today is filled with former PDP members. There are very few top members of the APC who didn’t move from the PDP.

I have said it before that political parties in Nigeria are mere vehicles to actualize political aspirations. There are fundamentally no ideological differences between them. Their memberships are in a perpetual state of flux and the members are highly mobile with unrestricted movements across the very thin party lines.
The major reason for these cross party movements is to pursue personal political interests and nothing more.

So it is extremely hypocritical and a display of crass opportunism for Ogah to claim that his reason for leaving the PDP for the APC is that the former is now a failed party while he believes in the change mantra of the latter.
This is nothing but elevated hogwash, high grade rubbish and sophisticated nonsense!

Meanwhile, this move didn’t come to close political watchers as a surprise. It’s been on the cards since and there were very strong indications that even if that his ill thought out case in court went his way, he would still have dumped the PDP.

Dear Ogah, you have a right to freedom of association but please don’t insult our intelligence in the process.

The good Lord will keep all of us till 2019 when the real battle line will be drawn.Then when that time comes, we will all get ready for the “battle royale”. For now, Ogah should enjoy his rights.