Uche Ogah And His Ways

By Ikenga Chronicles December 5, 2018

Uche Ogah And His Ways

–Onyebuchi Ememanka,

In this post, I shall try as much as possible to make my points politely. I believe we can play politics and marshal our points without insulting one another.

Yesterday, a High Court of the FCT sitting at Kubwa, Abuja delivered a judgement in a suit filed by one Chief Ikechi Emenike. The gravamen of that judgement is that in the eyes of the law, the only recognized State executive of the APC in Abia State is the one led by one Dr. Emmanuel Ndukwe as Chairman and one Chidi Avaja as Secretary. Therefore, all actions and party primaries conducted by the faction of the party led by Chief Donatus Nwankpa are void and of no effect.

The major effect of this judgment is that Dr. Uche Ogah who emerged as Governorship Candidate of the APC through the Donatus Nwankpa faction is just on a wild frolic of his own.

Obviously rattled by this development, the Uche Ogah camp in their understandable confusion started throwing darts indiscriminately.Uche Ogah’s
aide and my good friend, Chima Obiwuru has been prancing all over Facebook since today accusing Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and the PDP of being behind this recent calamity that befell their boss.

The aim of this post is to set the records straight and bring the public up to speed with the true situation in the matter and expose the Abia State chapter of the APC in their true colors, namely, as a motley crowd and critical mass of confused and desperate power seekers who lack the simple rudimentary knowledge of managing internal party crises.

Just like most state chapters of the APC in Nigeria, the Abia State chapter has been enmeshed in an unending fratricidal fiasco over who is the authentic State Chairman of the party. The primaries of the party across the country have been a harvest of chaos and crises. From Imo to Ogun, from Cross River to Rivers, from Zamfara to Osun, it’s from one trouble to another.

Some months ago, a faction of the APC in Abia State led by one Dr. Emmanuel Ndukwe claimed to be the authentic executive of the party in the state. They alleged that the tenure of the Donatus Nwankpa-led exco had expired. Matters came to a head when the group obtained an order of the High Court of Abia State holding at Isiala Ngwa to the effect that the Nwankpa-led exco has ceased to hold office and that Dr. Emmanuel Ndukwe and his group were the authentic state executive of the party. Justice C U Okoronkwo, the Presiding Judge, in that order, sacked the Nwankpa-led exco. We were all here when it happened. Then, party primaries were still far off.

It is elementary general knowledge that when a Court of competent jurisdiction makes an order, that order remains in effect until set aside or upturned on appeal. To the best of my knowledge, that order remains in force till today.

In defiance of that order, the Donatus Nwankpa-led exco,which was fired by the Court continued to operate and run the affairs of the party in the state. Dr. Uche Ogah and his group embraced them and worked with them. Ogah took part in the primaries conducted by this sacked exco and emerged winner.

Meanwhile, Chief Ikechi Emenike and his own group chose to identify with the Emmanuel Ndukwe-led Exco which has the imprimatur of the Court. He emerged winner of the primaries conducted that side.

So the party had two gubernatorial candidates–Uche Ogah and Ikechi Emenike. The question now is, which of these two gentlemen is the authentic candidate of the APC for the forthcoming elections?

If Uche Ogah was smart or had the benefit of sound legal advice, his first step would have been to take urgent steps to regularize the authenticity of the Nwankpa exco that gave him ticket. Common sense would have told him that holding a ticket given by an exco which was sacked by a court of law amounted to filling one’s pocket with bread labels and believing they were money, just like we did when we were kids.

Instead of looking for ways to vacate the order made by the High Court of Abia State sacking Nwankpa, he and his aides were busy campaigning on Facebook to be Governor.My friend Chima devoted all of his time running after Ikpeazu when the ground upon which his boss stood was shaking.

Now, being an experienced politician, Chief Ikechi Emenike approached an Abuja High Court for redress. My investigations at the Court Registry showed that the action was brought via Originating Summons and under the relevant Orders of the High Court of the FCT. In the suit dated October 20, 2018, with Chief Ikechi Emenike as Plaintiff and APC and INEC as Defendants, Emenike asked the Court to determine whether party primaries conducted by a group which had been sacked by a subsisting Court order was valid. He went further to ask the Court to formally recognize him as the party’s candidate since he emerged from a primaries conducted by the Exco which has the backing of the Court.

Upon the filing of the suit, APC entered appearance while INEC, naturally had no interest in the suit. Uche Ogah sensing danger, quickly hired the Abuja law firm of Paul Erokoro SAN to appear for him. Their first reaction was to file a motion for Joinder which will enable Ogah to be a party in the suit since he was not originally in the matter. The Joinder Application by Ogah was dismissed by the Court. The APC also filed a motion of preliminary objection and it was also struck out by the Court for lacking in merit. Ogah again filed another motion urging the Court to set aside the dismissal of his motion for Joinder. Again, that motion was also dismissed.

After hearing all the parties, the Court entered judgement in favor of Chief Ikechi Emenike and held that since he emerged from the primaries conducted by the Dr. Emmanuel Ndukwe-led Exco of the party which has the benefit of an order of the High Court of Abia State, he is the authentic candidate of the APC in Abia State. The Court held also that all candidates who emerged from the primaries conducted by the Donatus Nwankpa-led exco which had been sacked by the Court and which court order has neither been set aside nor upturned on appeal, were jokers.

Chima Obiwuru, my dear friend and brother, how is Ikpeazu involved in this? Does this judgement not make sense to you, even when you are not a lawyer? Why do you people blame every other person but yourselves for your own problems? Is Ikpeazu also the cause of the APC crisis in Rivers, Ogun and Zamfara states? What were you guys thinking when you were frolicking with Donatus Nwankpa and his group knowing fully well that a valid court order was hanging on their neck?

Is Chief Ikechi Emenike not a member of your party? Is he not a more experienced politician than your boss, Uche Ogah? Have you forgotten that President Buhari appointed Emenike’s wife as Ambassador? So you think that Ogah is a better politician than Emenike?

For me, I prefer that my boss Ikpeazu runs against Ogah o. We will beat him mercilessly. Emenike is more deft and more dangerous. Though we will still beat him, but he is a far better strategist than Ogah whose only style is to make noise on social media and file frivolous court applications.

Instead of seeing Ikpeazu in your dreams every night, I suggest you guys should look yourselves in the mirror and do some serious self assessment. In particular, you should ask yourselves why your boss is always filing frivolous applications in court. Is it that he doesn’t have good lawyers or has his desperation to be Governor driven him to a point where he is ready to fund any court action, no matter how nonsensical it is?

Was it not your boss who wanted to be Governor even when he didn’t contest any election in 2015? A man who came second in the PDP primaries and never contested the result now rushed to court to be made Governor on the ridiculously convoluted and legally senseless claim that Ikpeazu presented false tax claims?

You guys think that Abians have forgotten how your boss took the entire state on a meaningless and utterly avoidable legal rollercoaster up to the Supreme Court over an issue that a first year law student could have resolved in five minutes?

Instead of seeing apparitions of Ikpeazu and making a lot of noise, you guys should look for good lawyers to challenge the judgement on appeal, or at best, let your boss face his petrol business. He must not be Governor.