The Two Personalities Who Signed The Amalgamation Treaty Of 1914 On Behalf Of The Southern And Northern Protectorates

By Ikenga Chronicles October 25, 2017

The Two Personalities Who Signed The Amalgamation Treaty Of 1914 On Behalf Of The Southern And Northern Protectorates

— Gboyega Adejumo

The whole essence of providing quality education is to impact the true nature of how to actualize one’s potentials. I’m afraid that our educational system in Nigeria has greatly suffered from abuse as well as disuse.The exact policy to drive focus is missing.In truth, we have no tangible plan and there’s also a clear lack of understanding of the decay in the system: Science and Technology, missing, creative arts, missing. Even the simple means of providing expression had long taken shelter.

For a university graduate, it is simply not enough to go through the university but to acquire the right skills and cognition with which to add value to himself and to the society.

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When I see the rot spewed on social media, and also when I read the watery almost worthless CVs being paraded by those desirous of securing a job, I shiver and quake in my soul.How did we get this low and base in churning out illiterates from our so called Universities?

For a while I kept seeing a poser that was meant to be a joke, go viral. I kept waiting, wanting to see an answer come forth, to at least provide knowledge of the likes that address the genuine and legitimate query of, “Who signed the Treaty of the Amalgamation of the North and South in 1914?”

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The joke aspect is trivia — If all of Ahmadu Bello, Azikiwe, Awolowo were all late boomers in 1914, they could not have signed the treaty. The genuine query of who did the signing on behalf of us all, never got answered on Facebook nor in Whatsapp groups, of which I was inundated by no less than 40 of such queries, virally distributed by many I consider should know the answer.

Many would readily display their knowledge of European history with gusto, from Magna Carta of 1216, to the medieval history of savagery and blood akin to the slaughter by Fulani Herdsmen, to the Austro-Hungarian marriage and divorce, to the criminal Crimea war, they will with a smack on their lips, tell American History from when Columbus set sail. They know of the classical history too, of Plato and Socrates. Socrates they will call, “The father of philosophy”. Socrates who never wrote a book they know. The know not of Orunmila who surpassed Socrates in every philosophical inclination and by every description!

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They know by name the founding fathers of the United States who wrote the few pages of the American constitution in 1776, the 16 of them they know, Benjamin Franklin and co. But they know not the two personalities that signed the 1914 Amalgamation treaty of the Northern and Southern protectorates that led to the creation of Nigeria.

I blame our educational system that is focusless, but I blame you more for not updating your own databases, making a sickening sport of, “who signed the Amalgamation treaty”, as a social joke.

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In 1914, only TWO Personalities represented the whole of the Southern and Northern peoples and signed on our behalves — The Alaafin Oyo, Oba Nla ti nfi Oba je, Iku Baba Yeye Alase Ekeji Orisha, who signed on behalf of the entire peoples of the Southern protectorate and the Sultan of Sokoto, who signed for and on behalf of the entire peoples of the Northern protectorate.

Now you know, so stop sending me that infernal, iniquitous, odious, opprobrious message of, “If Awolowo was born in 1909, Zik in 1904 and Ahmadu Bello in 1910, then who signed the treaty in 1914”

It’s not funny!


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