Tulsa Is A Damp Squib

By Kennedy Emetulu June 21, 2020

Tulsa Is A Damp Squib

Err…the outdoor part of the Trump rally has been cancelled because, well, nobody outside. Their expectation fell short. So, Trump and Pence will not address anyone outside as planned. The outdoor stage is a lonely place. Despite claiming about a million people registered to come, the campaign just released a statement calling on people to come because there are still spaces inside the BOK Centre, which takes only about 19,000. Meanwhile, they are already blaming the media and non-existent protesters for frightening people away.

I know there are people who think it is hypocrisy to question the idea of this rally when we have had protesters moving around the place without concern. Well, I don’t think it’s comparable. Protesters are not doing their protests under a roof in an enclosure. While the risk is always there in any gathering, the risk is more in a gathering like this one organised by Trump. And then there is the need to set the best example, rather than give the best excuse. Trump is the president. How responsible is it for a president to organize a super-spreader event just to massage his ego, while asking citizens to sign a waiver not to hold his campaign legally responsible if they get infected at his event? How helpful is it that the president is actively encouraging people not to wear masks by making a campaign of not wearing one himself? Is it a surprise that an overwhelming number of people in that crowd are not wearing masks? Does it help that six staffers of the Trump campaign have already tested positive for Covid-19? I mean, this is an event that has people from all over attending. They will come and go back wherever and spread the virus all over again and to what end?

Trump is showing too much desperation and that will be his undoing. It’s just sad that he does not care how many Americans die in his quest for a second term.