TUFACE: A Faceless About-Face

By Ikenga Chronicles February 5, 2017

TUFACE: A Faceless About-Face

—Vitus Ozoke

After listening to this clip, I have reached the following conclusions:

1. This Tuface guy is a big joke! I think he is too young and too immature for the kind of task he toyed with

2. His childish stunt is capable of undermining the power and credibility of future mass actions in Nigeria

3. He is a fame seeker with neither courage nor conviction

4. He does not seem to care a hoot about the Nigerian masses; he comes across like a guy who just wants to build a personal brand

5. He needs to be cautioned and called to order in the interest of suffering masses on whose pain he rides cattails of cheap fame

6. He is definitely not Nnamdi Kanu; he looks too scared to face pain in jail

7. He should be made to apologize to Nigerians for exploiting and toying with their hopes and emotions for his personal gain

8. It is utterly presumptuous and arrogant of him to record himself in the vernacular and style of a national leader addressing a national audience

9. He has shown himself to be part of the problem, not the solution

10. I understand music brought him to limelight. He should stick to music. If he wants to be taken seriously, let him engage in social activism through the medium of his songs. The world could use another Fela Kuti

11. For now, Tuface should vacate the stage and go away. The more he records this sort of amateur clip, the more he embarrasses himself

12. Enough already!

Credit: Youtube