Trump’s Impeachment Saga And American Decline

By Ikenga Chronicles January 24, 2020

Trump’s Impeachment Saga And American Decline

— Dr. Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Since the end of the second world war, the USA has been the colossus of our world. It has no rival in anything, not in producing scientists and technologists and in just about all fields of human endeavor. Because of its unrivaled excellence in most things, most of us came to see the country as invincible. We came to believe that the country will last forever.

A spurious Japanese American scholar even wrote about the end of history; to him the struggle as to who rules the world is over; America’s political economy will rule the world forever and ever. Poor chap; I hope that he is still alive and witnessing what is unfolding before our eyes as America implodes.

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America was started by the British in 1607. In 1619 African slaves were introduced into the country. The slaves were used to develop the land. It was assumed that the Africans were sub human beings, if even that. They were a breed of animals fit only to be used as free labor but otherwise not to be seen or listened to.

The Africans had different ideas. So, they struggled to be recognized as human beings. That struggle is still going on.

In 2008 the world was delightfully surprised when America elected a black man, Barack Obama as its president. That election unhinged white Americans. How can a mindless African rule the people who produced the most powerful civilization that the world has seen? White America literally went insane.

They did not even wait for Obama to be inaugurated as the president before they formed the Tea Party agitating to take their country back (from the rule of Africans).

That movement soon muffed to the demand to see Obama’s birth certificate, the Birther movement. The idea was that Obama was not born in the USA and was born in Kenya and therefore could not be a legitimate president since the constitution requires that a person be born in the USA for him to become the president of the USA.

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The birther movement was championed by folks like Donald Trump. Hitherto, Trump, a man functioning at third grade level, a real estate developer who dabbled in producing TV flesh shows, found his voice in demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate. He had a ready market, an audience for his racism. Nothing Obama did or could do would assuage his racism.

The Republican controlled Congress made sure that Obama’s proposed public policies were shut down, moribund. Indeed, Mitch McDonnell, the Republican president of the Senate, said that he would do everything in his power to limit Obama to one term presidency. The man would not even hold hearings for one of Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

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Racists rallied around Trump and despite the fact that he is a sick man (he has narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders) he was elected the president of the greatest empire on earth. Every time the man opens his mouth, he tells lies. He is a habitual liar. It is as if he cannot help his self but must tell lies.

As the man said, if he stood in the middle of New York City and shot someone his 33% racist white supporters would still support him. They are not going to desert him because he speaks for them, taking America back from nonwhites. So, the man muddles on.

The supposed man of the people cut taxes that benefited the rich. The poor in America became poorer. A man could work full time on minimum wage job and not be able to pay for a one-bedroom apartment. 87 million Americans do not have health insurance or have shoddy ones, and any sickness wipes out their savings and many of them end up on the streets as homeless individuals.

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Nevertheless, there are lower wage jobs available for the taking. If you happen to have computer skills you can write some equations and overnight become a billionaire, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Bezos. The country is generating many billionaires while the middle class shrinks and the poor become poor.

It is the roaring 1920s of the twentieth century all over, again. The bubble, of course, will sooner or later, bust.

Let it be noted that the country, a $19 trillion economy, owes $22 trillion dollars and Trump, the Bankruptcy king is adding trillions to that debt; economists estimate that when it exceeds $25 trillion dollars the country may collapse, and like Greece may have to be rescued by rich economies.

But we are not talking economics here.

We are talking Trump. Every person knows that Trump is a pathological liar, a shyster who would do everything to make money and stay in office.

He tried to strong arm the Ukraine government to call his opponent, Joe Bidden and his son, Hunter Bidden corrupt (because of Hunter’s involvement in the Ukraine oil company, Brisma). He wanted to damage his opponent so as to win in the 2020 election. He was caught hence the present Democrats effort to find him guilty and remove him from Office.

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The Senate trial of the great American king of lies is currently going on. It is clear that Republican senators who are in the majority in the Senate have mostly made up their minds to acquit the man. In the meantime, the Democrats labor in seeming vain to prove that Trump contravened the US constitution and must be removed from office.

You watch the eloquence of Adam Schiff (America’s Cicero and Seneca, my friend, Dr. Wumi Akintide employed these Roman orators in his attempt to describe Schiff’s eloquence), the legalistic excellence of Gerald Needler and other house managers and admire them but know that they are engaged in exercise in futility. Republicans will probably acquit their man.

But the damage is done. What is the damage? The trial is carried on television and shown worldwide. People all over the world are watching the charade going on in the world’s supposed greatest deliberative house, the US Senate.

White republicans want to protect their man despite his sins, sins too numerous to be counted. As people worldwide see the charade, they wonder if America has always been a lie? They are finally learning that America is a lie.

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America has been a lie right from its inception when a bunch of English men began deluding themselves with the lie that they are superior to Africans. The people told themselves so many lies on the race issue that they actually came to believe in the nonsense of racial inequality.
The Trump trial, seen all over the world, has finally told the world that white Americans are not a moral people. They had hitherto presented themselves as moral, and as Christians. Now folks know that they are not moral and are certainly not Christians.

Who is a Christian? To answer that question, Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan. A man was waylaid and left for dead and his neighbors passed him and left him to die. A Samaritan, a mixed-race person, a person that Jews rejected pretty much as white Americans reject black folks, stopped and cared for him. The Samaritan is a Christian.

In America folks mostly live only for their selves and do not care for their neighbors and yet masquerade around as Christians. They talk about protecting the unborn and place themselves on the moral high ground of being anti-abortion but when children are born, they do not want to care for them; indeed, Republicans cut the food stamps that poor women use to buy food to feed their children.

What is unfolding before our very eyes is that America is showing itself to be criminals’ empire. America began by enslaving Africans and expropriating land from Indians. America expanded by engaging in every conceivable criminal activity. But it bamboozled the world into believing that it is a moral country; now folks all over the world are learning that the USA is a criminals’ haven.

History is catching up with America. What goes up in a fraudulent manner generally comes down in a disgraceful manner. Empires come and go; nothing is permanent in this world of change. We are all watching as America self-destroys.

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The trigger point is that the percentage of minorities, that Is, non-whites is increasing in the USA. As we speak whites still hold the majority but that majority is quickly evaporating. It is estimated that Latinos from Latin America will in the middle of this century become the majority population of the USA. That prospect has sent white folks into a frenzy trying to protect their civilization.

They want to continue ruling America. They employ every political shenanigan to make sure that non whites are kept out of the political arena. Poll taxes, literacy tests, requirements of IDs where those are not available, gerrymandering are some of the tricks employed to keep minorities out of Congress, state houses and city halls. In the past, those were engaged in darkness but now are done in the open.

The entire world can now see that Republicans are always trying to steal elections. Those who steal elections are not democratic, if by democracy you mean the rule of the people by the people.

Now we know that America is not that much different from South Africa’s apartheid regime, a minority uses all kinds or electoral and political tricks to marginalize its opponents while presenting themselves as the paragons of democracy.

Only a fool will today see America as a democracy. America is an oligarchy; it is a country ruled by the few rich white folks. It is also a plutocracy since political offices are literally bought. No one who is not rich or can get the rich to support him can run for elections, from city hall to the presidency. It takes, at least, a billion dollars to run for the US presidency.

Trump probably will be acquitted but the damage to America is already done. America’s prestige all over the world is now gone.

A friend said to me: America, did I hear you say? Is that not the country where a criminal is in their white house, a country where racists rule, a country where hypocrites who call themselves Christians but do not care for their people rule. Give me a break, will you; please do not abuse my mind by telling me that Americans are admirable.

America’s moral prestige is gone. That is what Trump has finally done to America; the man has shown America to be an evil empire masquerading as a Christian empire.

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America, of course, still has a formidable economy and military power. China, India and the Asian tigers are gradually catching up with America economically. Give or take, by the middle of this century economic dominance would pass to Asia.

In a couple centuries, when Africans learn to govern themselves right, economic and political power will pass to Africans. Civilization began in Africa and will return to Africa.

For now, the lesson to be learned from the Trump Saga is how nations self-destroy. America is self-destroying. There is no external enemy destroying it, its internal forces, forces that have always been there, the lies the polity is built on, is catching up with it.

Democrats and Republicans will tear the country apart. Democrats have their own issues. They have not seen any sexual deviancy that they would not approve. They want to impose on all people sexual behaviors that Christians find horrible.

The hapless Obama even wanted to force Africans to accept homosexuality and threatened to withhold the paltry economic aid the USA gives to Africa if they did not to legalize a sexual habit most Africans find abhorrible.

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Democrats social engineering knows no bounds. Left alone they will tell us that wrong is right and right is wrong. Listen, Democrats are not angels and have their issues.

As I have pointed out in other writings, I am not a republican or democrat; I am a social democrat in line with the Scandinavian countries. My political and economic ideology requires the public to pay for education at all levels and health care for all citizens and then allow the capitalist economy to distribute wealth.

Please read Adam Smith, The Wealth of nations; while advocating allowing the forces of supply and demand to allocate goods and services in the economy, Smith realized resultant poverty of those who are not competitive and advocated helping them; this is what we social democrats ask for but conscienceless social Darwinists want the poor to starve and die out so that their satanic minds masquerading as Christianity may feel satisfied.

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In the meantime, sit back, relax and watch a great empire destroy itself. If you have not read Edward Gibbons book, the Decline and Fall of Rome, go get a copy of it and read it.

The latest Rome built on slavery and lies is unravelling before our eyes. Isn’t history fascinating?