TRUMP: The Bumbling Buffoon

By Ikenga Chronicles January 9, 2021

— Kennedy Emetulu

Let me first say I humbly apologize to those right-thinking folks who think money equates wisdom. They rightfully worship whoever has money and remind us that they made money because they’re smart and wise. Oh, I do not doubt this one bit, what I doubt is the kind of wisdom some moneyed people exhibit. Take Trump, for instance.

Okay, we know he’s a champion liar who lies about his wealth. In fact, many real billionaires do not believe he’s a billionaire (Hello Bloomberg!), but that’s neither here nor there for my purpose. Trump, by whatever standard you want to measure it, is a rich man. But is he wise? I doubt.

Here is a man who seemingly has everything – money and power. Without holding any public office prior, he rose to become the President of the United States. From day one, I knew he was unfit for office, but you would assume that a reasonably sensible guy would quickly learn on the job because the opportunity is there – many advisers, books, history and good friends with ideas. But right from the word go, Trump was a Greek tragedy in the making. His narcissism is out of this world, his lies out of this world his wickedness and heartlessness out of this world! Alright, whatever his faults, you’d think he must have a knack for self-survival. It turns out he has, but only when all around him dies. He’s so insecure, he forces people to worship and praise him, he can’t get Obama out of his head as he took the cudgel to every policy the man made in an extended fit of jealousy. He fought open wars with young and old and talks and writes like a drunk kindergarten kid most of the time.

The three things that has become obvious with Trump (obvious before he became president, but more obvious now to most people) is that one, he is a glorified illiterate, two, he has no idea of what public service means and three, he thinks running a government is like running a crime family. We see all these elements in his latest booboo: In a post-election period that he himself has fomented unnecessary controversy, he calls up the Georgia Secretary of State to ask him to look for votes to make him win and to threaten him if he doesn’t. I mean, this is a guy who got his friend, Lindsey Graham into hot tar over a call the senator made to him over this same election! What was Trump thinking?

Only a glorified illiterate would not know that at this point, there is nothing Raffensperger can do. If he dares do what Trump suggested, which is say he has recalculated and now Trump is the winner, he will be picked up immediately and deposited where the sun does not shine. His rap-sheet would be as long as the Mississippi. I mean, does Trump think one man can just sit down in his condo and declare he has recalculated the vote and pronounce a new winner? In a true republic or in a banana republic? And how would this help him win the Electoral College? Or is he arithmetically challenged as well?

It is only a glorified illiterate who will have all the best brains in the world to take advice from and still ignore them to do that which he thinks is smart to do only to get in real trouble and make himself a laughing stock. Yes, make no mistake, what Trump has done with that call is stone-cold criminal and nothing will save him from being prosecuted the moment he leaves office. It’s an open and shut case.


NOTE: This is not an attack on seriously moneyed people. Most of the ones we know are wise. Trump is an outlier. Hehe!

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