Trump And The Shithole Narrative

By Ikenga Chronicles January 13, 2018

Trump And The Shithole Narrative

–J.B Nwachukwu

Trump was accused of saying “Why are we having all these people from Shithole countries come here?” This statement was purportedly said, when asked about protections for immigrants coming from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.

He was accused of saying this by Dick Durbin, who incidentally is a top democrat. Trump has denied making this statement and two other Republican Senators present, Sen.Tom Cotton and David Perdue also denied hearing those words at the meeting.

Without evening proving anything, Dick Durbin, is automatically right and Trump the bad guy is always bad and wrong. Now everyone is chorusing he is racist. I wonder how Trump can be a racist when he was purportedly referring to the countries and not the people.

Everyone, even people who don’t know where Africa is in the map are now pretending to care for Africans etc. Even Anderson Cooper of CNN, was pretending to fight back crocodile tears. The media has merely exaggerated this word out of proportion in a bid to ridicule Trump.

Now my question; is our anger hinged on the fact that the word “shithole” is vulgar or that the idea Trump intended to portray of Africa was wrong? We Africans have used more disparaging words to refer to our continents but because it is Trump, the heavens must fall!

If Africa isn’t a shithole,

Why are Africans–even at the pain of death–struggling to migrate to America and Europe?
Why are Africans travelling abroad including their Presidents for health care?
Why are millions of Africans travelling abroad for education?
Why are millions of Africans travelling aboard to find jobs?
Why are African ladies travelling abroad to give birth?
Why are Africans during the holidays travelling abroad to rest?
Why are millions of Africans achieving professional feats in America and Europe and not in Africa?
Why are the embassies full every day?

Go to the American Embassy at Walter Carrington at 6:00am, you will be amazed at the number of Nigerians, orderly, well behaved, who come early waiting for their interviews.

Go to the VFS office at Lekki, you would see Nigerians, all looking for Visas. Go the Chinese Embassy at Idejo, Victoria Island, you would see Nigerians daily applying for VISA!

If we think Trump is wrong and he has insulted us, let the Africans stay in their respective countries and change it. The best way to reply Trump is to show him how Africa has become a paradise.

To our Africans brothers and sisters, who are sympathizing with us from their comfort spaces in America, if you think Trump is wrong, please come back home

No matter whether we accept it or not, the reality speaks for itself and ultimately the truth is bitter.