Trump Is Learning The Limits Of Power

By Dr. Ozodi Osuji June 2, 2020

Trump Is Learning The Limits Of Power

Trump has been directly and indirectly asking his followers, the gun totting goons to join battle with those demonstrating against the killing of George Floyd. He actually believed that when the push he has been asking for, for four years come that those gun nuts packing AK 47s and demanding that cities open up their cities, from Covid Lockdowns, would fight and take over America for whites.

He is now finding out about the limits of power and is now blaming state governors and city mayors for allowing the protesters to disturb their cities peace and asking them to do something about it, arrest and lock them up. He is no longer the one, like governors in the old south who called out the police dogs to bite and scare civil rights demonstrators into silence and maintain Jim Crow kind of law and order.

The emperor is increasingly finding out that he is naked. He is more powerless than he realizes. Consider Washington DC. The City is well over 70% black. Suppose that Trump gives order for the local police (headed by a black man) to shoot the protesters, they probably would not do so, but let us suppose that they did. The fields around the White House, such as Lafayette Park, would be littered with hundreds of killed black folks.

What do you suppose would happen? Suddenly, the entire black world would overcome the fear that held them down and permitted white folks to screw them and they would storm the White House, enter the White House’s bunker and drag president bone spur and like Benito Mussolini hang him upside down at the Abraham Lincoln’s memorial.

This boy president does not know that history moves forward not backwards. Humanity moves to an interracial society not return to a past when a bunch of crazy white supremacists believed that they have a right to own the world and enslave blacks.

About 30% of Americans can be called racists and they would support Trump no matter what. The other 70% are decent people. When the putsch that the trumpers ask for start and the seventy percent descend on them, they would flee.

Remember Adolf Hitler after the failed Munich beer Hall putsch in 1925; he turned tail and fled!  See Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf; William Sherer the Third Reich; Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich and Robert Waite, Adolf Hitler, The psychopathic God.

Trump and his low information supporters would be devoured as the French masses, during the 1789 French Revolution, devoured the Ancient regime and made Marie Antoinette eat the cake that she asked starving Parisians to eat. The Romanovs were lucky: they ended their lives in cold Siberia.

If the war that Trump is asking for starts the entire world, Europe, Africa, Asia and most Americans would eat up his Neanderthal supporters but the foolish boy does not know it.

I hear that currently he is hiding out in the bunker underneath the White house and his tough talking sons have gone hiding. Let him stay in the bunker for his safety.

If he feels that he is man enough let him walk the streets of Washington DC, unprotected by a Falange of secret service folks, as Obama and Biden did, and let us see if he would not be captured and quartered.

The fat boy takes his mouthy bravados as strength, what a pity. He is leaning about the limits of power. You govern the people with a mix of political power, police and respect and love. He totally ignored love and respect and emphasized violence and is now finding out that a violent leader who is not loved is eaten by the people. He should have read Nicollo Machiavelli, The Prince.

If the heat gets hotter folks should watch the US airspace and make sure that Mr. Big Mouth does not flee the country and go to Russia. He must eventually take the consequences of his divisive behaviors; a leader is supposed to unify but this man divides his country.