Trump In Saudi Arabia: Palling With An Anti-American Society

By Ikenga Chronicles May 21, 2017

Trump In Saudi Arabia: Palling With An Anti-American Society

 — Vitus Ozoke

I’m following ceremonies marking Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia. I’ve seen every but one thing. I have not seen A SINGLE woman as part of Saudi Arabia team. The only women I have seen in the series of ceremonies have been Americans: Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and some female American interpreters.

Why is America engaging a country that does not recognize the worth, existence, and humanity of women? Why is America celebrateng a society where women can neither be seen nor heard? Why be seen with leaders of a country where it is a crime for women to drive? Saudi Arabia did not have a great relationship with the Obama Administration because President Obama would not lend American legitimacy to such a society.

Let’s be clear what this whole thing is about. The tribal Sunni Saudi Arabia desperately wants Military assistance from the United States to counter the rising regional dominance of the tribal Shiite nation of Iran. The logic is a simple one: any nation that has completely sidelined its women has effectively sidelined half of its work and brain force. Such a nation operates at half capacity. And no nation is great that functions at half capacity.

By its values and the nature of its existence, Saudi Arabia is anti-American. What is more anti-American is rewarding Saudi Arabia with multi billion dollar military sales deal. That’s not making America great again. That is undermining great American values.

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